Two bonds need to be purchased – indemnity bond & power agreement. This has to be submitted in original along with the transfer application. Required for online requests. endstream endobj 445 0 obj <>stream Arrange to have those same utility services up and running at your new residence at least a day before you move in. BWSSB Bangalore has proposed to provide Cauvery water connection to apartment complexes, if apartment community or owners are ready to bear the expense for laying of pipelines. How to Transfer Your Utilities When Moving. And asked them one straight question. Draft a letter (Sample Letter) addressed to The Manager, BESCOM or to the Assistant Executive Engineer (AEE) (Electrical) stating a request to transfer the name of your electricity meter. India is a poor country and tax payer money should not be wasted like this. When you’re deactivating a utility, give the company an address where you can receive your final bill if you don't use online bill-pay services. h�b```�n!vAd`��0p\f����H�T �}pCcFCT8W���@, 9���$Ɵ�>�5�"'Kmg�`�*�#϶��B;?1�6N�5�@���A�n� ��@��� �� Changing name on the electricity bill is easy. Consumers Energy wants to help you get to that comfortable feeling. Housing societies have been arguing in the past that since they provided services to itself (Concept of mutuality) which could not be subject to service tax […], Water scarcity is big issue in India, especially in apartments with huge water requirements. Within 3 days I got a call from BESCOM local office and ask me to take back my complaint. Are there any higher officers who monitor these kind of careless people. in H1 FY2020. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and name change process in BESCOM. �g��`|fe��(/�FH�R� lHNV�L�3xX�R��V2�C���c���wwػY-��p�o|� zG��w�/�-���-�N��'�1[�`,y)�V��!�$����e���$�᷌����m�gW;��'��缄S���Ng_w��}������N��;������Nf���gף�U���i u'0�Y�u�8��/��a��t?��:}����Cu�=ԙ��!..��o�rvQ�&�ถ� ����|���m�����)�ۚ|����bCӊ�ͻ�Q��Wr�Wr�;O�D{r&^�nDZosc�^���^����_�I�;�IVC��Ct�ـcۀ���� ���� Take along your local phone directories, in case you need to make contact again with your old neighborhood. Total: 450, *Note – The indemnity bond was valued at Rs.100. 6. Even if I spend 5 hours for this, I am wasting 10,000. They do this without any charge. The information related The charges for the transfer of electric bill or TNB Bill will be as following. After verifying your application and documents, JE will provide you report. Supply companies with a forwarding address where they can send final invoices. BESCOM requires the applicants to provide these bonds along with application. Much useful information, Aman. After all the sweat and tears, the moment you relax in your new home, with everything perfectly in place, is when the move becomes worth it. Take a photocopy of all documents you are going to submit with your application. The time wasted is not calculated. I have to get the same work done and I will follow the steps informed by u. I think these guys who do the work need some legalization and we should promote development of this profession. In Bangalore and in the eight districts of Karnataka, Bangalore Electric Supply Company Limited (BESCOM) is responsible for power distribution. You should not give up or feel worried at any point. Please fill the forms. To be on safer side, please take snaps of your application in your mobile. You are only responsible for putting your name on the bill, or taking it off. The deposit of the previous owner will be used to settle the balance and they will send letter to previous owner to request them to collect back their deposit at Kedai Tenaga. listing the property. I hope BESCOM changes and be helpful to citizens rather than taking bribes from people. Moving Utilities Tip: Forward Your New Address. The information provided herein have been collected from publicly A hassle-free move is largely a matter of remembering the details, and dealing with utilities well in advance of moving day can help ensure anyone’s peace of mind. At CommonFloor, we provide this information to help our users find publicly available data in a structured format. On your day of departure, be sure to keep those lights burning, the heat going and the phone working until you’ve waved the movers goodbye and locked the front door. and use your judgement and verify any information before making any Transfer of electricity meter to your name is simple and hassle-free process. You may call BESCOM hotline 1912 for status too. The NOC should be from the person who features as Vendor on your sale deed. This is needed to get the page 2 entries (For Office Use only page ) filled by the BESCOM assistant engineer. Show him the printout of the photo of the meter, from which he can get the details and fill the entries there and sign and stamp on Page 2 (Office Use Only). Thank you Vinayak for your kind words For me it was in Kadugodi. When you transfer utilities, disconnecting services in one location and resuming them in another, there are a few simple rules to follow. Please write your RR No and name on the file. To my surprise, after a few days of doing some online reading, visiting BESCOM website, calling BESCOM hotline etc, I realised the process is pretty simple and can be done in less than Rs 600. To perform the transfer from previous owner name to your name for the electricity bill or TNB bill, the following documents will be required. He finally started his public blog at and is planning to write on Knowledge Management, Bangalore, Food and Life in general. If the company requires it, make a deposit payment for liability purposes and schedule a bill transfer date. They are centring on completion and deliveries of residential flats, helping them to push down their debt but also accumulating more market share. It was a very satisfying experience. Is there genuine place where can complaint for these kind of things and also people should come forward to stop bribes for better tomorrow. great info. The transfer fee may range from Rs 100-200 for which you will get a receipt. Generally if your BESCOM subdivision is a small centre they ask you to visit the nearby main BESCOM centre. of connecting with the relevant owners and verifying the data as per

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