Glad it pleased you, Pam. You can renew your subscription or I have always loved Roy Rogers and have looked up to him as someone I really admired. Why is James Watson auctioning off his Nobel Prize? A) $2,500 B) $1,000 C) $3,000   5. You see, Leonard was a singing cowboy who had just gotten his first leading role in a western movie called “Under Western Stars.” He needed a horse to ride in the movie. RFD-TV owner Patrick Gottsch said the Omaha, Neb.-based network will begin airing old Roy Rogers movies on Saturdays starting November 6. Now that she has the real Nellybelle, Weidel says she's planning to keep it in the private museum of businessman John B. Haines IV, who is in the construction industry, in Pennsburg, Pa. Julie Ann Ream, the niece of another famous singing cowboy, Rex Allen, said she and others in the audience were nervous about where the pieces of the collection would end up. What a wonderful little pop culture history lesson. Science Monitor has expired. Returnin’ to our silver screens Check price and Read more Detail At, HECKLER & KOCH HK91 TUBULAR RIVET Mfg: Heckler & Koch Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells, The 7 lbs. and he was saying 'What?'". Roy also had a … Paul, this is simply divine. The other two preserved horses up for sale, Rogers' wife Dale Evans' steed, Buttermilk, and Trigger's body double, Trigger Jr., both went to private U.S. buyers for $25,000 and $18,750. He didn’t want Trigger to be so far away from California or buried underground. My aunt & uncle, When Roy Rogers died, my husband Tom cried. He is registered in the Palomino Horse Association as “Leonard Slye Trigger”. Your husband might be weeping some more. Bullet died and Dad had him stuffed. Learn how your comment data is processed. Your session to The Christian . You just seem older than yesterday She said she always felt a special attachment to Nellybelle when she watched Roy Rogers Westerns as a child. Lay back in my armchair, close eyes and think clear Signature Hardware 920742 Check price and Read more Detail At, "Carlson's Choke Tubes Choke Tubes Browning Invector Plus 12ga Black Sporting Clay Improved Modified. I’d liven the pace if I could You can tell by the 4 white high socks. There’s two parts to being a historian, the history and the storytelling. I’m always entertained when I read here. The average Roy Rogers salary ranges from approximately $16,884 per year for Cook to $43,345 per year for General Manager. He chose Golden Cloud for the movie role but renamed him “Trigger” because of his tremendous speed. Roy’s quote, “If it wasn’t for Trigger, there would be no Roy Rogers.” Foaled Golden Cloud (July 4, 1934 – July 3, 1965), this movie star of a horse along with The King of the Cowboys was not only a movie ham that could communicate and dance, but performed the … The movie cowboy's son, Roy Jr., will introduce each film, as Trigger and Bullet stand in the background.

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