This is my second go-around with the GT40. Fender support has been good via email answering some pre and post sales questions, and they do have a gear forum where questions are answered by Fender staff and the forum community. Out of the box the presets are usable and logically ordered. The user interface -- and I can't believe I actually own (and like) an amp that has a "user interface" -- is clean and intuitive. I have young children, and my vintage tube amps are too loud and too valuable to have in a family space where there are frequent stumbles, spills, etc. While some criticise the sound as being a little too treated or “hi-fi”, we think it makes sense for what these amps are designed for – live use and home recording. Hands down the best amp I own! * Fender Tone app has a growing selection of user and celebrity created patches available to download. The modeling is about what you would expect for the price point, and the surprising number of effects available are more than adequate to dial in the embellishments I am looking for. You can change the factory presets and rename them to make it your own. The buttons and knobs while plastic, give a little resistance and have a nice feel when turned or clicked. Just a bunch of people who are not willing or not bright enough to use it properly, so I will just make a couple points. Granted this amp is mainly for home use and the local coffee house but if you need more sound it has 2 bigger brother amps. The sound is what makes this amp worth the effort to overcome its limitations. I took home the Blackstar ID:Core, Marshall Code 25, Line 6 Amplifi 30, and yes, even the mighty Boss Katana 50. While the effects and profiles are perhaps not as authentic and versatile as other competitors, such as the Marshall Code series, they more than hold up live. I use my Princeton and GT 40 in stereo, and you can run it into a lap top, and it is capable big beautiful tones with my pedals, like a fuzz or other drive and time pedals. It is not consistent, and Fender still recommends using the app either as a music playback source, or an editing tool. They start with basic amp tones and get more complex as you get further in the list. First of all, it sounds very good. Sucks. The Fender Tone web site offers some nice write ups on the basics of amp modeling, what the effects do etc. I'm really enjoying how easy it is to adjust the signal chain and modify amp settings from my iPhone. * Nice selection of effects and effects are not mutually exclusive like some amps in this range. Patches must be edited on the amp or from the Tone mobile app I find this to be a capable amp that achieves the sounds I’m looking for from clean to high gain. Keyboards 26 years, guitar (acoustic and electric) 4 years, Jamming at home and with friends friends, '70's rock and pop, blues and everything Pink Floyd/David Gilmore. You MUST not position the amp below you ears. Take your tone to the next level with the Mustang GT-40. For background, I am an average guitarist and these days I primarily play jazz rock, or progressive-ish styles of music.

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