he kept up with silva and zeno both at once. We saw and know that each phantom troupe member would have a hard time fighting against Zazan (a squadron leader). Neteros buddha might not be his only ability, in one of the episodes (i forgot which) zeno points out that netero's "most dangerous ability" is the 100 arms boddhisvata, meaning he could have more abilities than that, after all he specializes in enhancer techniques, personally i think Netero slaps PT cause of his feats but besides that idk, 1v1 he takes them all with the exception of chrollo and hisoka I say that because I'm anime only and haven't seen those guys do much. Forum Posts. From his own thoughts. You do know that Feitan is super fast right, as fast as Killua in assassin mode. Hisoka mid-high diff. If hisoka doesnt manage to kill him in one hit(which is very doubtful considering feitans feats against zazan) feitan wins.Hisoka would get destroyed by rising sun.He cant escape the suns range with bungee gum either because bg has a 10 meter limit. Against the entire Troupe? The King of the Chimera Ants, Meruem was the strongest of all the characters in … Phinks is one of the most powerful members of the Phantom Troupe whose physical strength is known to be higher than the likes of Chrollo and Feitan. We saw what netero could do against meruem (a freakin king) netero would slap each troupe member. This subreddit is dedicated to the Japanese manga and anime series Hunter X Hunter, written by Yoshihiro Togashi and adapted by Nippon Animation and Madhouse. He knew he could beat Chrollo, and it appears Chrollo agreed given the means he went to. He is quite a skilled Nen user and his type appears to be Specialization. phinks can wind up his punch to hit a fatal punch that can even 1 shot netero if he winds it up enough. They also have to be in an area that doesn't give them the chance to hide/run away/ take hostages. Well I guess I should start since I made this. I have a hunch that leaving Machie alive would like make things more interesting further down the road.”. Isn't the Buddha protection itself? He is the author of some of the articles here that you liked, and others that you didn't. Once he is injured and angry, Feitan can unleash a miniature sun. Based on the reflection and revenge from this fight, and the fact that Chrollo’s ability should be curtailed, Hisoka coldly made the rational decision because I wanted to have his seriousness shown. He'll stomp them until he gets to Hisoka and Chrolo who give him a good fight before going down. Youpi was in a position to kill him and chose not to. When it comes to Hisoka, the character is just as likely to kill you as he is to hit on you. with his physical attributes. In the world of Hunter x Hunter, it is hard to outdo Hisoka. You can read Viz Media’s synopsis of Hunter x Hunter below: “Hunters are a special breed, dedicated to tracking down treasures, magical beasts and even other people. This is one of the greatest mysteries of this century.. I just rewatched the scene and Killua explicitly states he could get away with Godspeed if it weren't for Alluka. I give it all the way to Hisoka. we can start with shalnark. So who wins? Yeah, no. Using Skill Hunter, Chrollo has obtained a huge amount of Nen abilities over the years. Honestly I think it would be probably the hardest fight for Hisoka after Chrollo but I definitely think Hisoka would win since he would catch onto Feitans hatsu quickly if he doesnt already know it and would fight around avoiding hurting him until he has the chance to finish him in one shot. Killua's not even confident he can get past Illumi's needlemen without getting tagged. From 1990 to 1994, he wrote and drew the hit manga YuYu Hakusho, which was followed by the dark-comedy science fiction series Level E and the adventure series Hunter x Hunter. That's probably the problem with Pain Packer, it's too slow. Hisoka one shots Feitan, he can quickly move outta way and then summon his pain packer. A one-stop shop for all things video games. I don't remember anything from the troupe that would give them the win. Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga career began in 1986 at the age of twenty, when he won the coveted Osamu Tezuka Award for new manga artists. I like the dude, but seriously, just stop. @Knowledge_King: Godspeed Killua is faster than anyone in HxH with the exception of the God tiers (Netero, Meruem etc.) Let's analyze the sadistic manlet and the masochistic clown. He debuted in the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1989 with the romantic comedy Tende Showaru Cupid. Pitou was one of the Royal Guards of King Meruem and easily among the strongest characters in the series. - September 5, 2017 03:56 pm EDT. Hunter X Hunter is a series filled with incredibly strong hunters, but who among them is strong enough to take on Feitan? Press J to jump to the feed. neteros punch didnt do any dmg to pitou. Also he would need to kill feitan quick, pain packer could prove to be difficult. Illumi is one of the members of the Zoldyck family who replaced Uvogin in the Troupe on Hisoka's word. And if Hisoka manages to piss off Feitan (which would happen, it's Hisoka), Hisoka's dead. if netero is hit by a needle he is finished. Sorry if this is harsh to handle it, but it's true. his pain packer has diffrent forms as stated. With his Aura Synthesis, he got extremely powerful to a point where not even Netero could seriously hurt him in battle. And Hisoka still lived through it. Even the entire Phantom Troupe together wouldn't be able to hurt Meruem in a fight, which puts into perspective how weak Feitan is when compared to him. Cookies help us deliver our Services. If Hisoka decides to play with his opponent, he will die. Opinions? literally every time he fights) and Feitan relies on getting hit but not killed. It can attack and defend with crazy speed. Bungee Gum has a lot of utility. RELATED:10 Best Hunter X Hunter Cosplays That Look Exactly Like The Characters. I genuinely don't think he can take them all out at the same time , especially with Lucifer's hax and their different nen abilities. and didnt even wait a second to attack after she transformed: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-wipMN9JNC6k/WBy92MpJBMI/AAAAAAABeq0/qM6Ot8BH1nMUS_ZZwAIEBTF7wOx_ASH4gCHM/s16000/0228-013.png, WEll, Plotarmor/fanbase asides, its depends of the scenario, Close combat my bet goes for Hisoka, a Huge area without Trees(or any kind of fixed object) goes for Feitan, just compare him to Spider-man, Bungee Gun can be really useful in a forest(just like Gotoh's fight), in a forest Hisoka is pretty unbeatable(not counting Ging, Netero, Meruem, etc..). Needlemen aren't faster than Killua. He draws comparisons to Hisoka himself, which means that his abilities are fearsome, without a doubt. So fast they couldn't press a button. They all get crushed by Netero's stand. with this he can use 3 abilites at the same time. However, the restriction is feitan must be hurt. There's no way they could work out angles of attack like Meruem did and given that without that even Meruem was too slow, I really don't see any of them being close to fast enough to get close, even if they attack simultaneously. it didnt seem that strong. Feitan can zip around large areas in a flash and create a huge AoE of after shadows, something Hisoka has not shown to be able to do. I'm too hyped for that potential fight. However, Hisoka's speed feats simply do not compare to Feitan's. In the last tome of HxH, Illumi is talking about a reward he could get if he kills Hisoka as an “engagement ring”. Machi is one of the most crucial members of the Troupe and much of it is down to her Transmutation type Nen ability. Feitan, more or less, attacks head on but utilizes his speed to his advantage in order to trick his opponents. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook.com Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, By Megan Peters feitans nen abilties are insane. If the Troupe had prep, they'd figure out a way to beat him. he also got indoor fish. One of the most important aspects of a Nen fight is the psychological aspect. Kalluto couldn't keep up with Feitans speed but the other troupe members could, probably didn't even seem like he was creating after images to them. Thoughts? It goes without saying that Hisoka is stronger than Feitan. However, if Hisoka was serious and dead set on killing Feitan, then more times than none, I can see Hisoka winning. “In keeping with the course of events on the boat, it was necessary to have a messenger to the rest of the Troupe. Although Hisoka wished to kill Machi in that place, I rejected it,” Togashi wrote. He just didn't expect him to prep that way and steal everything. Feitan gives into anger easily, however, it is feitan's emotions that also serve as his strength. . Not sure if hype or legit feat, but somewhere in the MANGA it's stated that hisoka is stronger than all spider members besides chrollo and that's why he was able to infiltrate the group so easily. Feitan managed to defeat Zazan, who was the strongest of the Squadron Leaders, implying he was much stronger than Leol as well. and if he hits his needles he can fuck up netero. Hisoka is noted for being fast by several characters, same as feitan. he shat on hisoka in a 1v1 fight. I agree with a few others that Hisoka wins because he almost always goes for a 1hko. And that's only from a broken arm. It's not like he can summon a sun on the spot as he pleases while fighting an opponent. and his bungee gum. That is why whenever he attacks meruem everything seem to stop in order to portray his attack's insane speed. Hisoka vs Feitan. Netero until we actually see Chrollo serious. Netero's perfection is too much for them... Any King's Guardian or Meruem by himself is far far better than all troupe... And Netero is the only answer from humans for Guardians and Meruem...Netero is Hashirama of h x h series.And Phantom Troupe is hardly (barely) akatsuki of hxh series..Netero slaps them (lituraly).

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