Latinos in general, we’re Catholic and have a dedication to prayer and to Saints. He's really dumb for trying to diss 2pac. Talking to acting coaches, that’s what actors do with acting and that’s what I try to do with every scene.”, Despite his thespian achievements, it all comes back to lyrics for Chino XL: how to deliver them, how to come up with the most memorable lines and to how outdo every other artist lyrically. I realized that’s part of my journey.”. Sickology 101 - Tech N9ne Ft. Crooked I \u0026 Chino XL - 5:276. It seemed like a lot of times, somebody really needed to hear it. Beyond the sheer pain and ultimate triumph depicted in the song, what makes the selection remarkable is how Chino XL infuses his top-tier lyricism into a storyline that is so raw, so devastating, so vital. Chino XL released one of the two "super rapping" albums of 1996, the other one is from Ras Kass and it's much better. RZA, Tech N9ne, Eminem, Xzibit, Pharoahe Monch, Kool G Rap, Chino XL, KRS-One & More - The Anthem - Duration: 4:51. The song highlights my New Jersey roots and I live and have been a fixture on the LA scene for more than a decade now, so I feel like it encompassed a triumphant hip-hop feeling. Chino XL Riiiot! Don't get in arguments with people here, or start long discussions. Since then, he’s become a prolific and in-demand rapper who has released four studio albums, has performed on songs with everyone from Snoop Dogg and Travis Barker to Common and Tech N9ne, and who has toured with Ghostface and Immortal Technique. Sway & King Tech Sickology 101. I try to do it because I feel like that’s part of my blessing and to share my blessing, I have to propel the art form and push the boundaries of language.”. Albums include Twelve … While crafting these emotionally draining songs, Chino XL realized that he was helping himself and others by recording them. Jokes are fine, but don't post tactless/inappropriate ones. Messiah - Chino XL - 10:5411. It takes me time to merge back into myself. Be respectful! “I had to get focused on what really mattered, which is my family, my music and my life in general,” Chino XL explains of his new 35-track album. He’s created hit singles, released revered albums, collaborated with some of the most popular artists in all of music, delivered memorable roles in film and television, written for television and remained a fixture on the touring circuit. Only some of the very best from one of the best lyricist in all of Hip-Hop1. I change my set list up, go into the crowd. [email protected]. During the last 20 years, the Los Angeles-based rapper has redefined what it means to be a supreme wordsmith. It’s a characteristic of much of his best work. No song, however, defines Chino XL’s journey more than “Father’s Day.” Here, he recounts one of his daughter’s battles with cancer – an ordeal that started when she was only 10 months old. It's My World - Chino XL - 0:002. Best Tracks From Here To Save You All: Please note at this time, Viper is only considering producer submissions, and not MC submissions. “Musically, I had to focus to get it back to its essence, which is that lyrics still matter. Signed to Rick Rubin in his teens, Chino XL introduced a new style of lyricism that featured rhymes that created a new edginess in rap. Chino XL Buried In Vocabulary. “I believe that it’s my contribution to the art form, to art in general and to music. becomes a difficult choice with the former offering "Ain't that about a bitch?/Like Diana Ross' biography" and the latter giving up "Mind weaponry from the time of the Byzantines/You talkin' metaphysically but Chino's metal physically." - Chino XL - 8:549. As for ‘The Black Rosary,’ the rosary is the prayer to put your life back together and the beads are what you wear on your neck.”. They came to see me and they bought a ticket into my life, so I welcome them in.”, As an actor, he’s delivered memorable performances on television shows (CSI: Miami, Reno 911!) “The human psyche has the ability and the power to do that in order to keep it functioning. If you're not looking for lyricism, punchlines, and delivery, then I wouldn't recommend anything by Chino XL. I feel like if you’re not going to try to raise the bar, then what are you doing it for? Chino XL discography and songs: Music profile for Chino XL, born 8 April 1971. His pursuit for lyrical supremacy drove him to create his new album, RICANstruction “The Black Rosary.”, Chino XL’s dedication to his craft has resulted in a career defined by his status as one of the best rappers of all time, someone who always put lyrics first and pushes the genre forward. Forever M.C. Wordsmith - Chino XL - 12:4413. Then, to attack the beat, I had to write and use some interesting pentameters, so when I hear it, I hear the challenge of it. It's My World - Chino XL - 0:00 2. I felt that it was time to let most of it out so I could move on and get past some of those issues. At this point we are only interested in reviewing beats and production work. +1 212 873 4415M. “I’m trying to push lyricism as far as you can,” he says. Chino Xl tracks Buried In Vocabulary - Chino XL Ft. Tech N9ne Terminally Ill. Votes are used to help determine the most interesting content on RYM. Chino xl is just dissin everyone for no apparent reason but it was funny and interesting album. I can learn from it to help them relate to it so they could get past what they had going on. His new double album, RICANstruction “The Black Rosary,” features the Los Angeles-based rhymer delivering a masterful mix of deeply personal songs, astounding lyrical exercises and remarkable narratives. Except the Radiohead bit. Horseshoe Gang - 13:32 When it comes to lyricism, few rappers have done as much for the craft as Chino XL. Hip Hop LPs with the greatest gap in quality between the beats and the rapping. I put myself into a small time machine and transported myself back to a place that I really didn’t want to visit, but there’s a lot of people dealing with similar issues so I figured I would share it. The highlights are way high, everything else works well to very well, but to work best, this Ricanstruction takes some reconstruction so bring your patience. Well, if Kanye, Rakim, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Nas and Big L's egos merged together into a giant mecha-ego, the Chino ego monster would crush it into the Tokyo pavement with its big toe. and movies (Alex & Emma, Sundance favorite The Beat). & it's different Wordsmith. Granted they're great albums, Poison Pen and Here To Save You All are far superior. The ten facts you need to know about Chino XL, including life path number, birthstone, body stats, zodiac and net worth. Lyrics to 'Chino XL' by Chino XL. If you make beats/music and are interested in placing music on an upcoming Viper project, go ahead and submit your best work.If you are a vocal performer (singer, MC, poet, etc) please wait to submit until you read here that we are accepting . It became his signature with the launch of his solo career. “It’s a complete unbottling of a lot of stuff, things that I probably had suppressed,” he explains. this is probably the only rapper who's in Mensa, male vocals, aggressive, minimalistic, technical, dark, ominous, Gushing fanboy review alert! Four years off between albums isn't unusual for the Puerto Rican rapper Chino XL, but Ricanstruction: The Black Rosary was promised and previewed way back in 2009, spending three years on the shelf before finally seeing release in 2012. What Full albums would you play while working ? Chino is an incredible rapper lyrically, not to mention a great presence on the mic, holding a lot of charisma. Greatest Hip Hop Albums In History (Work In Progress), The most underrated hip hop albums/EPs of the 90's, Cash Rules Everything Around Me: Part 2 of a Noir Rap Compendium. (Chorus) You know, how I always do, Chino XL, With the skills that's tried and true, Chino XL After all that I been through, Chino XL, Violate me, I'll murder you, Chino XL Styles Aint Raw - Celph Titled \u0026 Buckwild Ft. Apathy \u0026 Chino XL - 2:504. RICANstruction is a play on the word ‘reconstruction’ and RICAN is because of my Puerto Rican heritage. Don't comment just to troll/provoke. I Told You So - Chino XL - 10:1010. Chino is really talented and he just goes non-stop with the punchlines, he namedrops nearly everyone and he does it quite cleverly. No song, however, defines Chino XL’s journey more than “Father’s Day.” Here, he recounts one of his daughter’s battles with cancer – an ordeal that started when she was only 10 months old. They were signed to Rick Rubin's Def American label, releasing two singles and recording an album that never came out. It’s just a narrative. Don't post randomness/off-topic comments. Last laugh - Chino XL Ft. B-Real -11:5012.

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