The Simplifies performing leakage, breakdown, and resistance testing, as well as volume (Ω-cm) and surface resistivity (Ω/square) measurements on high resistivity materials. The restive sample (unknown resistance) is connected at two points; the “Non-Sensitive Terminal” is the source of current (or of 1 volt in the pS range), and the “Shielded Sensitive Terminal” is connected to a high-impedance amplifier, which uses feedback to hold the sensitive terminal at ground potential. Basic accuracy is +/- 2% of reading +/- 1 count. Thermometry Bridge -- Model F18. Available 6:00 AM – 4:30 PM PST. On conductance (when both knobs set to the blue “pS” as in the photo), one volt is applied across the unknown resistance. Application Linearized temperature measurement with RTD or TC sensor. The RM3542A delivers high-speed and high-stability measurements and improved productivity by minimizing variations and reducing contact errors. Some times know as Ducter testers, these are highly accurate, easy to operate instruments that measure resistance with resolution as fine as 0.1 micro-ohm. Programmable digital I/O and built-in interfaces. An LCR meter is a piece of electronic test equipment that measures inductance (L), capacitance (C), and resistance (R) of electronic components. 1.55W @ 30 Vdc, 1.8W @ 40 Vdc, 2.15W @ 48 Vdc, 250V rms working, 2.3 kV rms per 1 min test, 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA, 0-10V, -10 to +10V (jumper selectable), Zero and full scale adjustable from -99999 to +99999, 2 Form C, 8A at 250 Vac or 24 Vdc, 0.3A at 250 Vdc, resistive load, 4 Form A (NO), 8A at 250 Vac or 24 Vdc, 0.3A at 250 Vdc, resistive load, 2 Form A (NO), 120 mA at 140 Vac or 180 Vdc, resistive load, 4 Form A (NO), 120 mA at 140 Vac or 180 Vdc, resistive load, Isolated commons for dual relays or each pair of quad relays, 250V rms working, 2.3 kV rms per 1 minute test, QA passband mode, split hysteresis, span hysteresis, Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Modbus TCP (Ethernet), Laurel ASCII. 500V) in a high resistance ohm meter at various There are two offset controls; one control sets the “zero” for resistance, which is determined while the terminals are shorted together. Resistivity Meters Precisely Measure Surface Resistivity, Volume Resistivity, or Resistance to Ground. taken at a magnification of 2000. explanations and limitations applicable to pricing and online orders. HRLC, Digital Resistance Meters - Difference, average or redundancy temperature measurement with RTD or TC sensor. If you have isolation concerns, use a high (impedance) resistance Ohm meter with limited output voltage on your highest Mohm scale, and overrange display is also ok. Fig. © Copyright 2020 GlobalSpec - All rights reserved. The 1/8 DIN case meets NEMA 4X (IP65) specifications from the front when panel mounted. Protects you from contact with potentially hazardous voltages —opening the lid of the chamber automatically turns off the instrument’s voltage source. Top that off with an available 40 Amp, Description: In the 2 ohm range, resolution is 0.1 milliohm, making the meter suitable for contact resistance measurements. Resolution is one part in 20,000. 2000 Count large LCD display. For resistance higher than 1.9999 Tera ohms, the conductance range can be used to measure conductance down to 0.01 pS (100 T ohms). A deviation limit (50 mohm in this example) is set up around both sides of a setpoint. The display is available with red or green LEDs. Innovative open jaw technology. This is partly because the change in deflection itself is small when the resistance measured is too small in proportion to the intrinsic resistance of the ohmmeter (which can be dealt with through current division), but mostly because the meter's reading is the sum of the resistance of the measuring leads, the contact resistances and the resistance being measured. -rush current measurement captures ‘power-on’ surge current with accuracy and repeatability High voltage measurement of 1000 V AC + DC true-RMS, 600 V AC, and 1000 V DC allows the user to perform multiple tests with only one tool (355 only) Resistance to 400K ohms coupled, Description: Unit ranges are from 1 millivolt to 400 volts AC/DC and 0.1 to 2,000,000 ohms. prevents “punching through” contamination or corrosion. With each of the nine resistance ranges, there is a constant current that flows through the unknown resistance. Insulation Tester (1kV below) -- 2132 IN, Clamp Meters - Designed for system use. AC Volts. The image was The Megger insulation tester is essentially a high-range resistance meter (ohmmeter) with a built-in direct-current generator. The multimeter instantly displays the correct answer by automatically selecting the proper range. Description: Indicates content that may require registration and/or purchase. 2000 Ω resistance range. Fixed, factory-special ranges of 2.0000 ohm, 2.0000 Mohm and 20.000 Mohm are also available. 1232204, Digital Resistance Meters - High read rates at up to 60 or 50 conversions per second while integrating the signal over a full power cycle are provided by Concurrent Slope (US Pat 5,262,780) analog-to-digital conversion. Choose from three sensitive options for precision high resistance and low current measurements. 95X Series Hipot Testers, Temperature Indicators - Questions? The meter is battery-powered with a standard 9 V replaceable battery (included), which operates about 40 hours before the low battery indicator comes (on indicating about one more hour of battery life). Eliminates errors that affect the accuracy of low current measurements. and complies with second edition ANSI and IEC electrical safety standards • Improved sleep mode for long battery life • Relative mode to remove test lead resistance from low ohms measurements • Auto and manual ranging for maximum flexibility • Optional magnetic, Description: Accuracy is +/-2% of reading +/- 1 count. Meter connections can be via 2, 3 or 4 wires. It should be set for zero while on the conductance range with nothing connected to the terminals. Megger has models available for testing using test currents from 0.5 mA to 200 amps covering a multitude of applications that require precise low-resistance measurements. The Model HR2 meter measures resistance in nine ranges from 1 ohm to 1.9999 Tera ohms (1.9999×10 12 ohms), and conductance in a single range of 0.00 to 199.99 pS (pico siemens, or pico mhos), all at low voltage of < 2 volts across the sample. Continuity bleeper. • Dual channels • RTD (Pt, Ni, Cu) or 0-4500 ohm input • 0-20mA, ±10V outputs • 6-32V DC local/bus power Description High-voltage isolation, Description: Any open-top metal box or a simple aluminum foil enclosure connected to case ground can do the shielding. RS Pro ICMA74 high performance clamp meter. The AlphaLab Voltage Touch Monitor enables personnel to identify voltage problems that usually remain hidden. Optional plug-in boards for communications and control include Ethernet and other serial communication boards, dual or quad relay boards, and anisolated analog output board. For resistance higher than 1.9999 Tera ohms, the conductance range can be used to measure conductance down to 0.01 pS (100 T ohms). Read more on our, PD test of insulating materials and electronic components, Resistance, Ground Testing, Battery and Power Quality, Cable locators, route tracers and height meters, Time domain reflectometers for telecom applications, CATV and Communications systems testing equipment, Transformer Life Management Bulletin series, Megger Baker Return Authorization Request. An accurate mains/battery powered portable 200A Micro-Ohmmeter. Corrosion Standards and Control in the Telephone Industry the earth may be quite high, therefore, a meter having high resistance … AC Volts. RTD or Ohm Input High Measurement Accuracy 3-Wire Connection Programmable Sensor Error Value 1- or 2-Channel Version Application: Linearized temperature measurement with PT100...PT1000 or Ni100...NI1000 sensor, Description: Profibus PA / Foundation Fieldbus Transmitter -- 6350B, Ground Bond Testers - The other offset control is a knob on the right side for offset current. Accuracy is +/-2% of the reading +/- 1 count. Note that resistance in units of T ohms is the inverse of conductance in pS, so that the resistance can be calculated from the conductance. The basic electronic unit includes a high resistance multiple meter (> 1G Ohms ), a current meter and an adjustable resistance. *    Jumper-selectable, precalibrated range. The 6½-digit Model 6430 Sub-Femtoamp Remote SourceMeter SMU Instrument can measure current with 1aA sensitivity. Range: 2.5 V, 10 V, 25 V, 50 V, 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V. Sensitivity: 5 K Ohms/Volt. Browse Milliohm Meters Datasheets for TEGAM, Inc. Browse Continuity Testers Datasheets for Newson Gale, IEP Technologies LLC, Browse Power Resistors Datasheets for Isabellenhutte USA. Ohmmeter; 1 Microohm to 20, Clamp Meters - . The basic electronic unit includes a high resistance multiple meter (> 1G Ohms ), a current meter and an adjustable resistance. temperatures (100 to 600 ° C.) The relay closes (or opens) when the reading falls within the deviation band, and opens (or closes) when the reading falls outside of this band. power, with a wide range of AC & DC voltage outputs and extremely low leakage current measurement. This allows ranges and signal conditioner boards to be changed in the field without recalibrating the meter. The 5½-digit Model 6514 and Model 6517B Electrometers offer 1fA sensitivity, >200TΩ input impedance … If desired, the meter can easily be calibrated using external standards plus scale and offset in software. Specifications. Additional Features: Automatic high speed measurements of low value L (1000 nH-1000 µH) C (10 pF-10 nF) R (10 ohms-10 kohms, Description:

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