Once believed to require a cold climate, it is now known that this bird survives in a few areas where summer temperatures exceed 100 °F (38 °C). Natural Heritage, Toronto, Canada. The abundance of food in the area usually affects the number of eggs a female lays, a feature quite common in northern owl species. [4] Much of its size is deceptive, since this species' fluffy feathers, large head and the longest tail of any extant owl obscure a body lighter than that of most other large owls. The Eurasian subspecies of the grey owl is very commonly kept in European zoos. These eagles are unfortunately misconceived as a threat to livestock and even a danger to humans. Live prey is detected under snow cover and using their clenched feet, the birds break through the snow as much as 45 cm (17 inches) to grab the prey with their feet. In southwestern and northeastern Oregon, the great grey owl has been using man-made platforms for nest sites since the 1980s. In some areas it is also called Phantom of the North, cinereous owl, spectral owl, Lapland owl, spruce owl, bearded owl, and sooty owl.[2]. Photos on this website may not be shared or used without explicit written consent from Cascades Raptor Center (CRC). Great horned owls, various small carnivores, and black bears have been documented preying on young, but such predators rarely threaten adults, and owls have been known to fend off animals as large as black bears when defending their nests. More impressive still is their wingspan of 7ft which allows them to catch such huge prey without the need to land. 10.2305/IUCN.UK.2016-3.RLTS.T22689118A93218931.en, Owls: Strigiformes - Physical Characteristics, https://www.growiser.net/great-gray-owls.html, "Great gray owl - Lindsay Wildlife Experience", Great Grey Owl Range Maps for California, Oregon, and Washington, Humans Act as Surrogate Father for Great Gray Owl Nestlings, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Great_grey_owl&oldid=984687392, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. We got Merlin when he was 2 weeks old. This effect focuses the soundwaves into the owl’s asymmetrically positioned ears, making it able to accurately pinpoint and home in on prey, even when said prey is moving under 2ft of snow. [9] In winter 2017, the birds were recorded in northern New York in Robert Moses State Park and central Maine.[10]. The underparts are light with dark streaks; the upper parts are grey with pale bars. Great Gray Owl (20111227-0162) The Great Gray Owl (a normal resident of Northern Canada) is a rare visitor to Southern Ontario. Retrieved 26 November 2013. [4] Much of its size is deceptive, since this species' fluffy feathers, large head and the longest tail of any extant owl obscure a body lighter than that of most other large owls. Usually this bird hunts early in the morning and again in the late afternoon and near dusk, with modified daytime hunting during the short winter days. The young may chatter, shriek or hiss. One theory for this sexual dimorphism is that males are evolutionarily required to be smaller in order to be nimbler hunters whilst the female broods the nestlings. Most offspring remain near their natal sites for many months after fledging. The great grey owl in this region is found in disjunct areas of appropriate habitat. The call of the adult is a series of very deep, rhythmic whoos, which is usually given in correlation to their territories or in interactions with their offspring. Although capable of doing so the taking of livestock is very scarce, and attacks on people rarer still, yet this has still played a role in their persecution. Flickr | Brandon Grasley. What species they eat depends on which small mammals are most abundant and available. Length: 52″ ave. Most owls respond to their own species calls if played back in a nesting territory.

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