Wayne Enterprises | This Villain was proposed and approved by Villains Wiki's Pure Evil Proposals Thread. And sure, Joker still managed to escape, but now he knows that something has changed between the two nemeses. [2] This depiction is notable for being one of the first adaptations of the character to have a distinct first and last name, as well as one of the few instances that shows his origins. The sequel to the film, The Dark Knight, featured the Joker portrayed by actor Heath Ledger. Jeremiah Valeska, also known as Xander Wilde and "The Joker" in some promotional media, is a major antagonist in the TV series Gotham, acting as a major antagonist in the fourth season and one of the three main antagonists of the fifth and final season (alongside Nyssa al Ghul and the Penguin), serving as the main antagonist of the finale. Nancy | Dudman attempted to sculpt a smile that was always there, but required Nicholson to smile in the makeup to take full effect, but wanted to ensure that the prosthetics didn't dilute Nicholson's face. As part of the Joker’s war, he encouraged average citizens of Gotham to put on joker masks and take advantage of the chaos for their own ends. ", "Batman: Curse of the White Knight Reignites DC's Darkest Rivalry... With A Twist", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Joker_(Jack_Napier)&oldid=986058761, Pages containing links to subscription-only content, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The design of the character was also used as an inspiration for, This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 15:16. Leslie Thompkins | After she shot herself in the head to prove her loyalty to him, Jeremiah would have her manipulate the bullet inside her head of get rid of any feelings or sentimentality towards him. Gotham Young Justice, another team book featuring Spoiler and former Robin Tim Drake, and Teen Titans, featuring current Robin Damian Wayne, will close up shop in November. When Jeremiah refuses to be acknowledged by his name, he admits he can't decide on what to be called. Joker also becomes obsessed with photographer Vicki Vale (Kim Basinger), and attacks her while she meets with her boyfriend, billionaire Bruce Wayne - Batman's alter ego. Sid | Dudman used an acrylic-based makeup for the bleached white face. He called her his “dear sweet Ecco” and said there will never be one like her, but it is unknown if he really meant what he said to her because after he killed her, he then said that he supposes “there are other fish in the sea.” It is equally possible that due to how insane and evil he has become, he could easily just detach his emotions from Ecco after killing her, though he did immediately smack Barabra across the face with a look of malice on his face, almost as if he was mad at her for stabbing Ecco, which then made him feel like he had to kill her in his twisted mind. Dollmaker | Jeremiah's motive to drive Bruce Wayne insane and his method of doing so, is similar to how the Joker tried to drive Commissioner Gordon insane after crippling his daughter. Wayne had been wearing body armor, however, and survives; he also recognizes Napier as his parents' killer. Ra's al Ghul | Eduardo Flamingo | having taken away his wealth and his loved ones, the Joker thinks the key to his plan is this zombie. After Jeremiah causes the events of "No Man's Land", he becomes more unhinged, which according to Cameron Monaghan, is due to a newfound ego from the success of his previous plan. The breakout character of Tynion’s run on Batman so far has definitely been Punchline, the Joker’s new second in command and a sort of polar opposite of the modern Harley Quinn. Unlike Jerome, Jeremiah was a smarter and calmer anarchist than he was, using Jerome's cult to cause mayhem and anarchy around Gotham, whilst also seeking to kill Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon upon failing to create a bond with Wayne, becoming his arch-nemesis. Gotham City Police Department | Unlike his personality in Season 4, where he never laughs, he is seen laughing to himself whilst overseeing his digging operation and chuckling when seeing the result of Bruce Wayne's false parents. Napier had two chances to escape unharmed, but he squandered them for attempting to kill Gordon and then kills Eckhart. Nyssa al Ghul | Well, the Joker had a good time dressing up in bat costumes, and his goons certainly appreciated access to all of Wayne Enterprises’ bat-themed technology. For his performance as the character, Nicholson was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, but lost to Morgan Freeman in Driving Miss Daisy. Oswald Cobblepot | But now it’s all over. Barbara Kean | Arthur Penn | Grissom's plan fails, as Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon (Pat Hingle) intervenes, as does the masked vigilante, Batman (Michael Keaton).

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