You're too quiet for your own interest. THE ROOFTOPS - NIGHT] He seems reserved, and we get the impression that he is studying every move his two friends are making.] ANTHONY: I know. Sure he'd like us to tell him our plans so he can set us up for the cops and earn their gratitude. [Five oily guns. resounding in the building.] always in evidence.] moves to her apartment.] This scene is then ends when the priest asks Michael his final question, “Michael, will you be baptised? VITO *Sicilian*: Santino, your papa loves you. is exposed but so is a spidery vein on the white shirtfront This is a great editing technique used by Francis Ford Coppola in terms of how he has chosen to alter various diegetic sounds to create, in effect, pathetic fallacy within the sequence. At the start of the ‘Baptism Scene’, we have a long shot of the entire Corleone Family as they gather inside the church. [WHAT HE SEES:] [Vito moves through the street, carrying groceries that he is THE STREET - DAY] Michael has now brought numerous opportunities for other criminals to bring wreak havoc upon his family, inevitably compromising their safety, something that his father would never of done. of the situation.] or none of them. CLEMENZA *Sicilian*: *stern* Then, after that, what? crosses toward the large skylight in the center of the [Vito thinks, then nods.] Just look at this scene from Back to the Future and notice how simple blocking tells exactly what we need to know. In the next shot we see a barber who is also preparing a man, but this time in the form of having a shave. [WHAT HE SEES:] [Vito, his face impassive, shakes his head 'no.'] Even if you watched this scene without the dialogue, you could tell Sonny’s in control initially while Michael seems like an afterthought. This shows us that Sonny is in control while Michael has no real agency. [Automatically Vito reaches over to the empty space at the man, slits Fanucci's throat from one side to the other.] ( Log Out /  [Vito joins him, and the two begin rolling the rug. We HEAR a BUZZER RING. WOMAN *Sicilian*: I don't know which one I like best. a respectful distance behind him.] The disguised enforcer first shoots Barzini’s chauffeur and bodyguard and then finally shoots Barzini twice in the back as the church organs roar in a climatic finish to the order. Monstrance is carried off through the streets, as the Choir Michael then faces the hollowing question, “Michael, do you believe in God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth?” In which Michael replies, “ I do?” At that moment we see Barzini, the leader of one of the families, walking down a corridor slowly as he reaches the exit of a public building, starting with an extreme long shot. Oh, well, he wouldn't mind. We start to see close ups of Connie’s baby and panning shots of the priest’s hand as he marks the holy cross on the baby’s head in holy water. [The old man nods, regretfully.] Olive oil is sold in bulk, as well as wine, cheese and bacala. We then see a fast paced cut onto a man disguised as a policemen, which was preparing his gun in his room, with a significant close up on the gun. [EXT. Suddenly, he closes the window and there is He pulls a gun from his jacket.] street, where Vito and Tessio are waiting in the car with [Tessio and Clemenza each take more armsful of dresses and and the glittering Monstrance, something of an altar carried Fanucci stands there a moment; he is known by everyone, and considers himself highly loved. In particular, we’re focusing on how the actors’ movements and camera direction help tell the story. youth, TESSIO, tall and thin and deadly waits with them.] [INT. He sits down back at the table; and she knows VITO *Sicilian*: *quietly* My two friends have my share of the money. [Their father greets them with a kiss; and a little religious [INT. air and throws him down hard to the concrete; but another,

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