© Copyright 2007-2020 Graduates First Limited. General Electric, commonly abbreviated to GE, is an American multinational conglomerate incorporated in New York and headquartered in Boston. 3%. Tip: Your interview should last up to 30 minutes. Tip: The only way to succeed is to take practice tests beforehand. Background check. 4 5. It may not display all features of this website. Sign up for tools offered by Graduates First, the only aptitude practice test experts that provide tests to over 100 UK universities and their students, and also across Asia and continental Europe. The company is divided into a number of segments: each offering great career opportunities: aviation, energy, digital, global research, healthcare, lighting, oil and gas, renewable energy, transportation, financial services, medical devices, pharmaceutical, automotive, software development, and engineering. The online aptitude tests you will be asked to complete may include General Electric’s: General Electric’s Situational Judgement Test will provide you with a number of scenarios that you are likely to encounter when working for General Electric; it will require you to identify the best and worst courses of actions. You must definitely use this opportunity! Take Aptitude Test with Extramarks' CAP Package - Aptitude Test is a test designed to determine a person's ability in a particular skill or field of knowledge. 53%. It was a panel interview. As of September 9, 2019 no new vendor account registrations will be approved. The only way you can prepare for the Logical Reasoning Test is to practice the sample questions. Least reported steps. Aptitude test can be used for the purpose of guidance in selecting subjects for studying in educational institutions. As a result, there will be certified activities through 2023. Tip: Try to persuade others towards your ideas and also ask critical thought-provoking questions; but only do so when it feels natural. Buy now  and increase your chances of getting a job at General Electric. On-site interview. Other. When did you show outstanding motivation to achieve a goal? Please read this important announcement concerning the discontinuation of aPTitude on December 31, 2019.. As of September 9, 2019 no new vendor account registrations will be approved. Check it out at the bottom of the page. 67%. You will need to use your common sense, and appreciation of what it takes to excel in a professional environment, to give satisfactory responses. The test is four hours long and consists of two sections; the job skills test, and the interactive test. The complexity of this does not lie in the knowledge tested but in the time pressure and stress involved. They need to be maintained, and it takes special skills to keep these important plants safely running. It was a relaxed interview. In the same way General Electric’s Numerical Reasoning Test examines how confident a candidate is in his numerical calculations, General Electric’s Verbal Reasoning Test strives to identify whether a candidate can accurately extract the relevant information from a previously unseen passage of text to analyse whether subsequent statements are true, false, or impossible to say based on the information contained in the passage of text. Thru Randstad Staffing and a mutual friend, Read more about getting an interview at Georgia Power. It is best practice to read the position opening description and try to think of some of the key skills that are crucial for this role, as you might be asked to demonstrate these during the assessment process. GE’s assessment tests are demanding. Your assessors will also be looking at your body language and tone to see how you would cope with delivering professional presentations, taking part in group discussions and explaining your opinions. 4 stages of the General Electric job applications and assessment process: At this stage, you will be asked fill in the online application form. 5 Selection for jobs. In the article below we will provide you with a step-by-step overview of tools and best tips to successfully pass General Electric’s (GE) job application and assessment process: aptitude tests, assessment center and interviews to get your job first time. Group interview. It is important that you are confident to share and argue for your ideas, but also be ready to contribute to somebody else’s input. Depending on your previous experience, and the particular position you are applying to, you might also be required to take some technical tests – aimed to examine your practical skills. Why did you decide to apply for this specific position at General Electric? Very comfortable and inviting interview process. Phone call/screening. If you are a real person please leave this field blank. 0%. Start practicing General-Electric-style Verbal Reasoning Tests now. Always bear in mind which response is the most practical and demonstrates the key characteristics of an ideal candidate. Remember, you will have around 45 seconds to answer questions like the following. General Electric’s Verbal Reasoning Test may be more difficult for non-native English speakers. Do not worry if you have not done Maths in a while! concerning the discontinuation of aPTitude on December 31, 2019. For aptitude test, Extramarks provides CAP Package. Please read this important announcement concerning the discontinuation of aPTitude on December 31, 2019. Phone: 703-299-3100 – press “5” for “aPTitude” General Electric 2020 On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is Poor and 10 is Excellent, rating is 8. 50%. If the information in your application and information shared during the call are different, your application may be disregarded for future processing. If you are looking for a General-Electric-style Numerical Reasoning Test with answers, worked-solutions and professional score reports including personalised tips based on your performance – then Graduates First has it covered. At the end of your interview you will be given a chance to ask questions. For more hints on how to pass a situational judgement test, visit our Youtube channel, For more hints on how to pass a numerical reasoning test, visit our Youtube channel, For more hints on how to pass a verbal reasoning test, visit our Youtube channel, For more hints on how to pass a logical reasoning test, visit our Youtube channel, shapes change from triangle to circle to square and. Although it might seem long-winded, remember to refer to specific arguments following the S, T, A, R method: describe the particular situation, the task you were faced with, what action you took to resolve it, concluding with the result of your work. Throughout this task various General Electric employees will observe you and how you solve problems, when required to work with others. Most importantly, speak clearly and do not interrupt anyone! I applied for the job and a couple of months later received a call from a recruiter. General Electric’s Logical Reasoning Test, often referred to as a Diagrammatic or Inductive Test, will expose you to 5 diagrams with varying shapes and ask you to identify the right pattern and indicate what comes next in the sequence.

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