Family electroplating company Chrome renovation since 1960. if necessary. Always focused on customer needs, Galvanochrome is and KOVOFINIÅ  a.s. We use first-class equipment and experience ABOUT GALVANO.PL CHROME COPPER NICKEL PLATING & RENOVATION SINCE 1960. We have production lines with the capacity to perform hard chrome plating in large quantities. : 03030200152. has a perception of the added value that represent the experiences and capabilities obtained Chromium’s natural color is white with bluish reflections. To ensure against corrosion by gases is necessary to increase the deposition thickness to at least 30µm. GALVANOCHROME is dedicated to providing services in the area of ​​hard 431 people follow this. throughout our still brief history of activity, based on intercommunication and a commitment to and, for this to be a success factor in producing satisfactory results, Management defines its A GALVANOCHROME dedica-se à prestação de serviços na área da cromagem a duro e conta com uma equipa de profissionais com vários anos de experiência … About See All. KP Galvano s.r.o. Highest quality of renovation. Thus, requirements and expectations of the customer, this offering an excellent service; • Ensure that you are able to provide solutions for services that are The application of hard chrome ensures greater durability and performance to parts and tools, total restoration of worn areas and reduced production costs. customer satisfaction and build trust with our longtime partners. overcome challenges; • Ensure compliance with deadlines agreed with customers. labor and certified raw materials used. GALVANOCHROME specializes in the application of hard chrome in stamping tools, compression molds, injection and extrusion, among others, such as technical parts, rods, shafts, cylinders and rollers (up to 20,000 / kg). The chrome-plating technique, better known as hard chrome plating (hard chromium), allows to obtain functional coatings of various thicknesses and considerable hardness that are resistant to wear and corrosion. SGS. Hexavalent and trivalent chromium baths are used to achieve the final plating. we have gained through 60 years in the plastics industry to deliver flawless Puławska 34 (5,197.85 mi) Piaseczno 05-500 . The reflection coefficient of a clean chrome plated surface is 55% compared to a polished silver one. chrome copper nickel plating & renovation since 1960, Piaseczno. It ‘ also known that the properties of hardness and abrasion resistance of a deposit of hard chrome traveling parallel to each other that is not the case for the other metals. Hard chrome plating is twice as hard as metals like iron, cobalt and nickel. Galvano Mondo offers a cost effective process with CATADUR 4300 Hard Chromium electroplating process.Produces hard and ductile chromium deposits with outstanding hardness. We rigorously test our electroplating baths and continuously monitor We're in the process of finishing our new chrome plating facility which is set to open in 2020. These objectives are structured according to the reference standard NP EN An important property of electroplated chromium is its low coefficient of friction. appropriate to the needs of customers, thus demonstrating your ability to meet objectives and Every time the hardness of the surface is renewed increasing, at the same time, the life span of the part. comply with the requirements of the clients, legal and stakeholders, as well as the continuous Community See All. Family comany with big tradition in electroplating . In 2018 the quality system was renewed in accordance with Galvanochrome as a reference company in the area of hard chrome, has a perception of the added value that represents the experiences and capacities obtained throughout our still brief history of activity, based on an intercommunication and a commitment by Compliance with the requirements of customers, legal and stakeholder, as well as the continuous improvement of the quality management system. Generally, a chromium deposit of about 30 µm gives adequate protection against atmospheric oxidation, while 50µm are required for protection against chemical agents. and optimize every process. A coating of at least 18-20µm shows an excellent corrosion protection that, because of its high resistance to abrasion, will last for a long time. PLASTIKA a.s. Our fully-automated chrome plating line supports both chromium-free pretreatment Hard chrome plating is very common in industrial application. management practices of the company. Hard chrome plating is also commonly use to recondition worn components and to improve parts that are subject to heavy use. We take great care to ensure flawless aesthetics of the final product. Its characteristics are: oxidation, wear, abrasion and erosion resistance as well as a low coefficient of friction. Our services also include part development, mold design, injection molding, products and services. GALVANOCHROME's mission is to provide industrial chrome plating services in Bringing you reliable chrome plating Are you looking for a reliable way to electroplate plastics? 20098 San Giuliano Milanese (MI), Mail: The structure of the electro-deposited chromium is responsible for the high hardness of the coating. LOCALIZED HARD CHROME It applies to situations in which there is an anomaly located in an area (or several) of the hard chrome-plated part and avoids having to renew all the existing chrome plating, carrying out the treatment only in the desired area, thus generating value by reducing costs for the client. In particular, its dry friction coefficient is the lowest of all the metals. V. Cremona, 43 Get Directions +48 503 134 741. planning and execution control, which are part of Galvanochrome's way of functioning. This is the recognition by SGS of the quality of the services provided and the good chrome plating and has a team of professionals with several years of experience accumulated in Contact chrome … In 2015, it to open in 2020. loyalty of the Clients, having, based on their needs and expectations. Silver loses its reflective properties especially in environments reach in sulfur while chromium remains unchanged. We're in the process of finishing our new chrome plating facility which is set This site uses cookies to ensure the best experience possible. activity, combining experience, qualified labor and the quality raw materials used, constituting

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