Gilded and combined with Lohrin brace, Volt shields, an Adarza kavat, and either Virtuous Fury (procs a lot and was cheaper so I started with that) or Strike (superior choice if math checks out)--and eventually Madurai unbounds--it's pretty good. But as it is now, it feels like a waste of a secondary fire. All amps are constructed from three components: The Prism, the Scaffold and the Brace. Primary fires a triple burst aoe shot. When attacking the Teralyst, with only the Zenurik Void Siphon fully way-bound, I run madurai and basically it's 10 per shot with the primary fire mode and idk how much the secondary charge-shot is. -Base The Lega Prism is an Amp component, available as a single-use blueprint from Little Duck. More perfect for your interest and current waybound unlocks. Just two of those in the squad can bring down the shield in mere seconds. -Base Ridiculously fun and strong in pretty much any situation. I'm debating a Raplak, Shraksun, Lohrin amp...because I'm still not certain about the Klebrik use, need to look at it more. 9000 ( 1 + ( 1- 1.6) * 0.14) * 0.8 * 4.5 =35,122 -Fury Press J to jump to the feed. Thank you. The Amp's gilding and brace are both disabled when not the host making the T3 inferior to the T2 due to its dependence on critical and critical damage when a client. 7500 (1 + ( 1 - 2.5) * 0.3) * 1.33 * 3.5 = 50,623 Leaving it that way, I can drop shield and still taking out vomvalysts solo in about 4 mins or so. So that's pretty much my main setup now. Fixed the Lega Prism’s continuous fire being affected by framerate. When it's fully leveled it says "On leaving Void Mode the next 8 attacks deal 12% additional damage for every second spent cloaked.". -Strike -Strike Raplak gets the job done but it's not much value outside killing wisps while Granmu's arch makes it very hard to land long range shots. What is BiS for prisms, scaffolds, and braces? 3500 (1 + ( 1 - 3.36) * 0.2) * 1.33 * 4.5 = 30,835 Keep hoping they fix it but its been around since PoE launched so may as well assume we have to live with it for at least a while longer. But that most likely will not be the best combination, so I'm also building a second one for eidolon hunting. Shraksun deals quite the DPS and multihits, its also able to oneshot Vomvalysts, since it has 2 instances of damage. -Strike Whats is mean 111 211 333 whats 1 whats 2 whats 3 please tell me with names. So the shraksun has a slower fire rate and it takes forever to clear the buff, the raplak shoots much faster. To me, it reads as if you can only ever have 1 charge. Regenerates 30 energy per second; takes 3.33 seconds to regenerate a fully depleted energy meter. To add one I haven't seen mentioned--I run a 223. 7500 (1 + ( 1 - 2.5) * 0.3) * 1.33 * 3.5 = 50,623 Note: I have maxed out the Madurai way-bound passives, so I have 40 extra ammo and regenerate 60% faster; I'm sure this allows me to fire 3 more salvos before I have to sit it out for a bit, but this might make non-focus-masters a little turned off. Oh, one more thing for people to keep in mind is whether if hosting or client. I like it for an all-around use...not only for Teralyst but for other missions too. 9000 ( 1 + ( 1- 1.6) * 0.14) * 0.8 * 4.5 =35,122 1000 * (1 + ( 1- 2.2) * 0.3 * 5.42 * 1 = 7,371 Primary is just here for the range. For everything else, the Pencha scaffold has the best damage per shot albeit at a slow rate of fire, but void damage overall does not perform well against level 60+ enemies. But of course the cost of Granmu is absurdly high with all the farming you'd have to do. Loose an incendiary attack that damages over time. 233 - Similar to the first, but the secondary is a tether that's arguably pretty useful when it comes to Vomalyst extermination. Sharksun is the best DPS against Teralyst however your long range options for taking out wisps are limited to Raplak and Granmu. Can immediately re-enter Void Mode after firing is stopped. I did some math a bit ago on different options Vs. Teralyst by taking into account their avg DPS and Avg number of strikes per hit. You've missed the most useful one in Teralyst fight. After many a deliberation, I've decided to name my two amps and Rakta dagger "Thats your opinion" "You do you" and "Each his own". Does not use ammo pickups; energy regenerates over time. Other scaffolds are grenade launcher with self-damage and ark beam which holds on the target by itself. With volt shield + skraksun + virtuos strike + void strike + adarza (this seems like a lot of moving pieces but 4/5 should automatically be active anyways), I've seen individual hits on the shield for over 10k damage. I forgot to mention I also have both Zenurik waybounds unlocked, it can still be done without them you just have to watch the operators energy a little bit more carefully. 7500 (1 + ( 1 - 2.5) * 0.3) * 1.73 * 3.5 = 65,848, Shwaak Prism The Warframe community has come up with a clever shorthand system to quickly describe Amp combo builds comprised of three numbers. -Strike Klebrik scaffold really shines when you need to quickly deal with vomvalysts either for culling or charging lures.

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