The only thing I would personally change is opening up more cross functional areas to learn more departments. Last time we didn't have power (not due to bad weather), it took 5 days!!! It’s a really great company, and I recommend to everyone who wants a job. The challenging aspect are some of the customer personalities. Yippidy dooooooo! At the same time they put this bill on my current bill. I would not change anything about company at all and I definitely recommend this job to anyone looking for a great company. work is challenging and interesting. Manager that harassed me ended up being promoted to get him away from managing people. Bias against family without children vs family with children. What I like. Nice, friendly people. This is ridiculous. The opportunity to advance into management positions is minimum. Estimated to be back on in two hours. You can unsubscribe from job alert emails any time. Went to HR about feeling harassed and they pretty much said it might be best for me to leave. Duke Energy is an excellent place to work and establish a career. Duke Energy is gay, possibly the gayest gay bob of all. It looks like you're in . Realize that people are the most important aspect of the company. Worked at Duke Energy in Apopka, FL at the time of review. I worked at Duke Energy full-time for more than 10 years, Great People and Management His winky is 2.5 inches long. For some reason the bill was $362.69. Garbage company. Sometimes there is longer work hours, so I can’t see my kids. At this point I'd rather take a hit on my credit than give Duke Energy a penny of my money for an obvious oversight. Over the past year there's been almost weekly mandatory OT. 102 employees rated this employer with an average of 3.6 points on a scale from 1 to 5. Sending a check. Must work together but need to get Supv involved for conflicts instead of handling one on one, Many older employees were just released due to age and years of ssevice to save money, Industrial environment will have hit/cold areas but many areas need attention for temp control as well as tech improvements, Pretty challenging due to amount of work and responsibilities with decreasing workforce, Although we have female ceo there is defunateky a bias against women and their duties...ultimately affecting pay, Moreso now with decreased workforce and increasing workload. Good pay to priced good life. I paid $64 in for the whole month of July. The company seems hesitant to lay off elders and take in new students. They will listen but not do anything about it. Power is out. Worked at Duke Energy Progress in Raleigh, NC. Byron Markass and Micky are friends of large tall bald man. Their customer service reps are sarcastic and reading off a script! Don't cut workforce without cutting workload. The worst. Constantly working and yet management won't work with you on time off could never even get to the doctors. Please select your state. The amount of vacation time is minimal when compared to other regions in the US. 19. Nuclear as a whole has not been doing so well, but the people make everything better. Worst company. Slower to adapt. kununu offers you 4,373,619 authentic company reviews on personal experience, salary, company climate, and application processes for 958,626 companies. The rest give the appearance of being there to support but in reality are completely unavailable. Searching for a different company to switch to. typical of electric utilities, Have been working a 4 day 10 hour per day work week for past several years, If a person wants to advance they need a management sponsor to help make it happen. I worked at Duke Energy full-time for more than 8 years. Last week, we get a bill from Duke Energy for service change to new owner. There are great jobs available, but some of the entry level positions have very high turn over and the employees are treated very poorly by the immediate management. Worked at Duke Energy in Mooresboro, NC at the time of review. not too sure really and nothing more to add, The company has a amotsphere that fellow employees are feel like family, The company is too big. More work remotely options in the departments where it makes sense.Better utilize the employees they have instead of allowing few employees to do the work of many. My company has the need for larger member and testicles. Poor. My company has the need for larger member and testicles. Worked at Duke Energy in Clearwater, FL at the time of review. Compensation is just for work done, Daycare would be part of the compensation package. The culture is going downhill fast. 102 employees rated this employer with an average of 3.6 points on a scale from 1 to 5. The company works hard to provide a safe environment for all employees. Duke Energy Reviews. Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. We bought a house there right before the housing bust began, and couldn't sell it when we moved to Atlanta in 2008. Executive management not concerned with employee welfare. 4. Duke Energy has reviewed the customer’s account and found that the meter reads have not been estimated since the customer began service in June The electric meter has been read each month and on separate occasions, Duke Energy has completed special reads for the customer in August and September as well as February The customer currently owes $that was due April 26, The last payment received on … Learn more. We kept it as a rental for years. Does have an open environment but never acts on feedback. Glassdoor has 1,039 Duke Energy reviews submitted anonymously by Duke Energy employees. Should be able to have life events arise and be able to go to the doctors. I really can't think of anything I disapprove of. She was skeptical about it because it was free and didn't really make sense that they just wanted to 'reduce overall user electricity demand' like they stated. If I could give it O stars I would!!!! Instead, they sent the bill to a collections agency w/o any investigation or even re-issuing the bill. It's a difficult job, Initially yes. The only electricity on were the front and back porch lights and refrigerator. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if Duke Energy is right for you. Would be a 5 if it weren't for constant technological issues. My experience as a hiring manager diversity is encouraged at all levels of the organization.

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