He also left behind Wildlife on Easy Street, the 40-acre sanctuary in northwest Hillsborough County where he lived and kept more than 100 animals, including lions, leopards, llamas and lemurs. Shortly after they married, the couple started Wildlife on Easy Street, a center for exotic cats set on 40 acres of tall pines, high grass and flowering bushes at the end of a dirt road at their home in Citrus Park. John Marsicano, who flew to Costa Rica looking for him in 1997, told the Tampa Bay Times. In spite of his riches, he was known to dumpster-dive, look for food in trash bins, and buy clothing from yard sales. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. Lewis started hauling rock and sand in Dade City, then bought five dump trucks. As for Carole, she thinks her husband tried to flee to Costa Rica. Lewis bought bad mortgages from other lenders, then let homeowners remain if they paid him 18 percent interest. "He would always say that everything had a price.". He made his millions in trucking and real estate. In a strange 10-page letter Carole Baskin wrote to the ex-wife of Don Lewis, Gladys, Baskin said she feared for Lewis’s soul because he was involved with a woman named Pam who Baskin … He left behind an 8-year-old Dodge van with a broken window and battered grill. Donna Pettis, their firstborn was a sibling to Lynda Sanchez, Gale Rathbone, and the lesser-known adopted son. Born on 30 April 1938, Jack Donald Lewis was Dade-city, Florida-native. The van he drove, was found near the airport but there were no records of him boarding the plane. Husband, Net Worth, Gay, Height. Don was nearly 60 years old when he disappeared without a trace on Aug. 18, 1997. If we visualize the plot and try to picture the character development of both, it was nothing less than a well-written script for a feature film. They carried on an affair for years before his 1990 divorce, she said. At first, Don changed his name to Bob Martin and introduced himself to Carole. On Wednesday, authorities received an unconfirmed report that Lewis, 59, was in Costa Rica, where he owns 200 acres near a volcano. We provide you with the latest movies and TV Shows of NetFlix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. Both Don and Lewis expanded the enterprise and made it a heaven for lovers of animals catering an added bed-and-breakfast service. Before Don’s path crossed with young Carole Baskin, he was already married to a different lady named Gladys Cross. "Here Kitty Kitty," shows a blonde woman feeding raw meat to tigers, She wrote more than 3,000 words refuting its "absurd claims. The married-couple had four children out of the marriage. “It is a perfect scenario to dispose of someone. Don Lewis Kids, Married, First Wife. "I really don't know what to think," Carole told the Tampa Bay Times. He also told her several times he wanted a divorce, but she said he wasn't serious. His body has never been found after his mysterious disappearance in 1997. A judge appointed a conservator to, with Carole, jointly safeguard Lewis' holdings, valued at more than $4-million. "It's what you both love and hate about him. Carole Baskin Wrote a 10-page letter to Don Lewis's first wife saying she'd kill her first husband to get out of the marriage. ... Lewis' first wife. Before Don’s path crossed with young Carole Baskin, he was already married to a different lady named Gladys Cross. Don Lewis, in the series. In 1955, he graduated from Pasco High School. Rather than keeping it as a service-oriented venture, he wanted to breed animals privately and sell it to finance the maintenance of the sanctuary and pocket the profit that remains. Don became a self-made millionaire due to his work in real estate in addition to Big Cat Rescue. “It’s a perfect scenario to dispose of someone,” the oldest of his four children, Donna Pettis, told People in 1998. However, no body was recovered and the case remains unsolved today. He met Gladys, his first wife, in high school while he was working as a bag guy in a store. Don was last seen wearing a $1 T-shirt from Kmart and blue jeans bought at a yard sale, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Carole and Don got married in 1991 after a whirlwind romance. Wiki, Affairs, Kenya Barris in Talks to Be Part of New ViacomCBS Venture, 25+ Best Comedy Movies of Hollywood You can watch Right Now, Top 10 Scariest Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now, 25 Best Comedy Movies On Netflix you binge-watching [2020 Latest]. The series presents this without any regard for the truth or in most cases even giving me an opportunity before publication to rebut the absurd claims. Then in-love couple fell for each other and got married after being together for 2 years. Around the same time, the couple was working together buying and selling undervalued real estates. About two weeks ago, according to court records, Carole Lewis entered her husband's office on E Broadway. ", "The investigation has not given us a direction on where to look for clues," Hillsborough Sheriff's Sgt. "Don’s behavior was gradually showing signs of mental deterioration," Carole writes. Don regularly bought worthless vehicles and equipment at auctions that piled up around their property, according to Carole's post. One particularly intriguing guy is Jack Donald Lewis, a.k.a. Due to the financial instability, he had worked on the farm and also was briefly engaged in mechanical work. And in this story, Don Lewis, her second-husband played that part. Carole accused her employees of duping Don out thousands of dollars taking advantage of his inability to read and his degrading mental health. They did not care about truth. But, Carole Baskin, the arguable protagonist character, was able to do what she wanted to do with the help of a side character. More From Us: Joe Exotic Now, Wiki. Powered by. When the Netflix docuseries Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness revealed animal rights activist Carole Baskin’s husband, Don Lewis, mysteriously went missing, leaving her with millions of dollars, jaws dropped. She was not kept as the suspect. Copyright © 2020. The wildly bingeable Netflix docuseries, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, premiered on March 20, 2020 to roaring applause.

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