Katelyn tells us about her first experience with OSINT. She takes us through her career path, where she started, which was not in IT, to eventually joining a SOC, catching a red teamer due to her awareness, all the way to her successes of today. She talks about various activities by the hunters and some pranks that the hunters and hunted played on each other. Kaycee talks about life before Big Brother and how getting cast at that time couldn’t have been more perfect. Law enforcement officials in the Netherlands asked him to confirm whether a potential Jihadi’s threats were credible. PodcastOne. For this episode, we have Katelyn Bowden, CEO of the BADASS Army, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support to victims of revenge porn and image abuse. Enjoy the great conversation and banter between one of the most loved BB Duos “The Sitting Ducks.” They reminisce about their friendship, talk about life today, and cover some interesting topics. Then she takes us through some examples of combinations of OSINT and social engineering. Throughout their journey they learned of a systemic problem of medication shortages for life saving treatments. Find out how Nico went through his methodology to get the confirmation they needed. You can find Marina on Twitter at: @MarinaCiavatta, Episode 9: Wondersmith Rae - Unraveling an Online Puppy Scam, For this episode, we welcome Wondersmith Rae, a professional OSINT investigator who tells us the story of an online puppy scam. Today, near the end of the show, Taran was joined by the winner of Big Brother 16 Derrick Levasseur.Check out our other Big Brother and Survivor podcasts on Rob Has a Podcast on our YouTube channel here: http://robhasawebsite.com/youtube. Nic’s fellow BB16 house guest opens up about his post-show experience, and how he has transformed as a person. These women are strong, smart, fierce and everything great you could ever imagine. Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco. For this episode, we welcome Josh Huff, but you might know him as BayWolf88 on Twitter. You're not a Stitcher Premium subscriber yet. Join Vic and his Mom, Gretchen, as she shares the story of how she met Vic's father. You'll get each of Taran's morning feed updates, recaps after the episode, and each LFC roundtable LIVE.Subscribe to Rob Has a Podcast on Apple Podcasts - http://robhasawebsite.com/itunesSubscribe to our Big Brother ONLY Podcast Feed - http://robhasawebsite.com/BBpodcastCheck out all every single podcast - http://robhasawebsite.comCheck out all the Big Brother podcasts - http://robhasawebsite.com/shows/big-brother/Become a Patron of RHAP - http://robhasawebsite.com/PatronFollow Rob on Twitter - http://twitter.com/robcesterninoFollow Taran on Twitter: http://twitter.com/armstrongtaranFollow Brent on Twitter: http://twitter.com/oneluckygayFollow Melissa on Twitter: http://twitter.com/itsmelissaaa You can find Nico on Twitter at Dutch_OSINTGuy. Episode 12: Keith Cox - The Value of Flexibility During Vishing. Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco. Starting his career as one of the youngest sworn officers in the state of Rhode Island he opens up about working under cover and having “hits” put on his life. You don’t want to miss this weeks dose of Coco! Warning: Some language used is NSFW or children. They even discuss how you could win a speaking role on Season 5 of This Is US! Derrick talks about his hit tv show on Discovery ID, “Breaking Homicide,” and gives a behind the scenes look into selecting cases and solving murders. Episode 25: Tracy Z. Maleeff, a.k.a. Former Big Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur joins the Coco Client Podcast to share him passion for solving murders and fighting crime. Episode 11: Kirby Plessas - Happy Birthday...or is it? Enjoy this week's dose of Coco. Today, she tells us about a romance scam where she helped a friend finally understand she was being duped, and explains how these work, plus she’ll tell us a little bit about a fifteen thousand dollar teddy bear. The trio also discusses the mind of a serial killer and the importance of good policing. Christina was tasked with confirming one client’s suspicions that their employee was stealing information from them. Episode 7: Robby Stewart - Sometimes the Client Wins. For this episode, we welcome Tracy Z. Maleeff, also known as InfosecSherpa. They also discuss Paul’s decision to pass on BB All-Stars. Teacher, Educator, Author, Speaker and Social Justice Advocate, Dr. Adolph Brown III chats with Nic & Vic this week for an inspiring episode! This is Alethe’s story of where she came from, how she was always a social engineer from childhood and also how words from Lady Gaga turned her life around. Jayson tells us about a huge success for him, getting caught. Don’t miss this important and heartfelt conversation. For this episode, we veer off course again. Enjoy this weeks dose of Coco! He is a member of the OSINTCurious Advisory board and runs the web site LearnAllTheThings.net. They discuss their opinions on what happened and talk about gameplay! Be sure to watch the video version of the episode in the TVCO app to see his adorable children, TV show poster, book cover, and more! And what better way to celebrate the end of the spectacular than by learning how you can get your copy of Derrick's book signed! Episode 23: Amanda Berlin - The $15,000 Teddy Bear. He also partakes in Weird or Normal and the Spanish Word of the Day! Follow him on Twitter at: @DerrickL and Instagram: @DerrickLevasseur On this episode, we welcome two extremely accomplished social engineers, Snow and TinkerSec to just chat, answer a few questions, give opinions and recount a lot of fun stories. She is a social engineering capture the flag black badge winner at DerbyCon in 2018. Lead." For this episode, we welcome Derrick Levasseur, winner of Big Brother season 16, host of the Discovery ID tv show Breaking Homicide and the author of the best selling book, Undercover Edge, which helps you find your strengths and gain confidence to win in all situations. From exercising her mind and body, to who she hopes to see in the Big Brother House, Nicole opens up about her preseason preparations. Guess what, friends?! I asked and he and Tim agreed to answer those questions on this podcast. Robby takes us through the first social engineering engagement and the various decisions he needed to make along the way. You can find her on twitter at ChristinaLekati. She and @Tokyo_v2 also wrote a blog post on Medium.com about her investigation titled “Anatomy of a Puppy Scam, Part 1, Meet Layla” where you can find even more details. Leon Johnson, Aaron Herndon and Jonathan Stines will tell us about some of the best security they’ve seen, some of the worst, some of the tools they carry on an engagement and how they sleep at night, knowing it is their job to trick people. Fellow Big Brother Alumni, and good friend, Zach Rance joins Nic and Vic on the podcast today! Julie talks with us about her five favorite events that happened on Hunted but you didn’t get to see on television. 20% off Function Of Beauty hair products! Former Big Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur joins the Coco Client Podcast to share him passion for solving murders and fighting crime.

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