She was released in 1992. Written by Dan Bronson, the film is based on the real-life murder of Kirsten Costas, who was killed by her classmate, Bernadette Protti, in 1984. (function(c,e,o,t,n){function r(o,t){(function n(){try{return 0<(localStorage.getItem("v4ac1eiZr0")||"").split(",")[4]}catch(o){}return!1})()&&(t=c[e].pubads())&&t.setTargeting("admiral-engaged","true")}(n=c[e]=c[e]||{}).cmd=n.cmd||[],typeof n.pubads===o?r():typeof n.cmd.unshift===o?n.cmd.unshift(r):n.cmd.push(r)})(window,"googletag","function"); Death Of A Cheerleader 2019 “is inspired by Randall Sullivan’s Rolling Stone article of the same name about the real-life murder of a popular, affluent and beautiful Northern California high school cheerleader at the hand of a classmate,” as Lifetime described it. But she still desired designer clothes like Kirsten Costas’. if (!f._fbq) f._fbq = n; n.push = n; n.loaded = !0; n.version = '2.0'; Kirsten Costas, a 15-year-old teen living in the small suburban California town of Orinda, was stabbed to death by her classmate Bernadette Protti, then also 15, on June 23, 1984. (function () { School officials who may not have been concerned enough or aware of those students who seem troubled and/or unable to cope with the societal microcosm that is high school in the 80s. It stars Aubrey Peeples as teen killer Bridget Moretti and Sarah Dugdale as Kelly Locke. apstag.init({ According to the outlet, she was motivated by greed, envy, and the desire to become more like Costas. Traciy also appears as a true-crime expert and commentator on TV One's Fatal Attraction, For My Man, and Justice by Any Means; Investigation Discovery's Murder Calls and Scorned; Oxygen's Snapped; FOX's Crime Watch Daily; and Lifetime Television's Killer Kids. “I was afraid she was going to tell people I was weird,” Protti told the police on another occasion. They say you could hear a pin drop. The Miramonte High School teenager had accepted a ride from Bernadette Protti, a fellow classmate and Bob-o-Links club member who lured her with a fake party invitation. Cathy Stroup, James Stroup: Hawthorne, California, Mother’s Murder On ‘Betrayed’–‘Blood In The Water’. s.src = '//'; No one. However, Protti followed their car — stabbing Costas five times just as she was about to reach her doorstep. Raising new questions about the micro-aggressions high-schoolers experience on a day-to-day basis, it offered a unique portrayal of the twisted psychological motifs that can lead an adolescent to commit a horrible crime. ga('send', 'pageview'); While Costas made the cheerleading team, Protti didn’t. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; Protti confessed to the murder in a letter to her mother and then to police. The real Miramonte High School expected high achievement, and the principal encouraged the kids to compete.

// Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Ads For the murder of Kirsten Costas, Bernadette Protti was sentenced to nine years in a juvenile facility. I am not much less appalled, however, by the lack of understanding displayed by her classmates, the very persons who created the social environment from which such an incident might arise. She now lives under a new name. She sought refuge at her friends’ house, Alex and Mary Jane Arnold. The real Kirsten Costas, a pretty varsity cheerleader, died on the doorstep of a neighbor’s home on June 23, 1984. Further, from what I have seen of these kids on television, I frankly wonder whether their reactions would have been the same if a bouncy, popular girl had murdered a classmate who was unattractive, idiosyncratic, or too somber for their tastes.”. “The Protti-Costas case is a sad, sad example of what the youth of today are up against. ‘The Killing Secret’: True Story Movie Based On Rebecca Lynn Stowe, Robbie Leamon? }); Death of a Cheerleader, a true story Lifetime movie remake based on the Kirsten Costas murder case in Orinda, California airs in 2019. What would be a normal disappointment for another teen would crush the very spirit of Bernadette Protti and stir feelings of anger because she just couldn’t seem to do well and believed she failed at everything. In the movie, Bernadette sat with her attorneys. Death of a Cheerleader, a true story Lifetime movie remake based on the Kirsten Costas murder case in Orinda, California airs in 2019. It gave the most accurate and in-depth account of the Orinda, California murder.

// amazon }, 1750), Source : One person who employed Bernadette as a babysitter was in shock, stating it all had to be “a terrible mistake,” and that she had no idea who else she could trust with her children because Bernadette, according to the woman, was “full of grace, sympathy, and love.” Others described the killer as sweet and caring. According to classmate Nancy Kane Mark (the girl who left town), Kirsten Costas represented the “all-American perfection.”. The movie is based on the real-life case of cheerleader Kirsten Costas, who was stabbed to death by her jealous classmate Bernadette Protti. Then it aired on Lifetime Television and Lifetime Movie Network (LMN). [Photo via Lifetime Television/Permission use granted]. ga('set', 'dimension10', '6/4/2020'); Sixteen years later, Traciy Curry-Reyes discovered her new identity. The original Death of a Cheerleader movie is inspired by Randall Sullivan’s Rolling Stone article by the same name. })(); According to Bustle, the Costas family relocated to Hawaii in the aftermath of the tragedy. They believed the killing was influenced by Orinda’s atmosphere that led to Bernadette’s feelings of inadequacy—the strong desire to succeed, the air of affluence, and the fierce competition between some of the girls. Her mother held her hand during most of the proceedings, and they often cried. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); What’s On Tonight: HBO Gives A Quick Preview Of ‘The King Of Staten Island’, FSU’s Marvin Wilson Led A Team Meeting To Set A Plan Of Action To Help The Community, ga('create', 'UA-41650130-1', 'auto'); s.async = true; }(window, document, 'script', 1998-2000: Traciy Curry-Reyes finds the names of the real people who inspired the movie (A Friend to Die For) Death of a Cheerleader.

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