What You’ll Need: Lots of commitment. Pro tip: you can create recipe contests during the holidays tied to popular seasonal dishes or flavors. The reason is because it seems so counterintuitive to be wanting more rejection. A raffle is a good way to incentivize reps to achieve short-term goals while being able to win a larger and more lucrative prize. Your goal might be something like: Set this goal before the contest begins so you can build the contest around it via entry format, submission, etc. For this type of game, you’ll need to create bingo cards that include different types of sales or tasks in each of the squares. You can let people vote on the name they like best, or you can self-select the name you think is best. Make sure to keep it lighthearted and fun; this shouldn’t be a grind. By using the site, you consent to the placement of these cookies. Outline your prizes for your contests, and get a plan in place for how you’ll select your winner. All participants get to keep a copy of the pitches which they can learn from and use moving forward. A sales pipeline CRM keeps track of all your deals in progress. Let the rep head home at lunchtime. These leads are highly desirable targets and the sales rep or team that lands the biggest single sale wins. Get creative and aim for something unique such as the most individual sales, the most “Nos”, the most reviews good or bad, or the most helpful with coaching other sales reps. How This Works: Start with your basic SPIF format. Attach a major financial incentive for reps. Use a leaderboard to track the results. Ask participants to share their best tip for using your products, then choose the top liked tip or a random winner. Steal a critical account from a competitor using a mix of Herculean effort and brilliant strategy? This more generic photo-sharing contest that encourages contest participants to share a photo as an entry. If you want to start a sales contest that doesn’t pit each of your team members against one another, you can instead ask them to work together to reach certain objectives. A la March Madness, you can set up a bracket style contest that creates friendly competitions between your salespeople throughout the month.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'smallbiztrends_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_3',146,'0','0'])); This one can take a bit more planning. For example, many fitness trackers have elements of gamification, rewarding users with virtual badges when they’ve met a predetermined goal, such as daily steps or active minutes. This plays to your employees’ competitive nature. To mix things up, try running a call blitz sales contest where your reps compete over outcome metrics like meetings (versus just number of dials or talk time). The one who takes down the most logos at the end of the specific time frame wins. Raffle Prizes. It is an easy game that allows all participating sales reps a chance to win, even if they weren’t necessarily the best performing sales rep for that period. Ask participants to write an essay about why they admire your company and/or products. And you can also add a little bit of fun into the mix by making each prize a surprise. © Copyright 2003 - 2020, Small Business Trends LLC. Each sales period the sales rep with the highest sales gets awarded a trophy to display on their desk. Not a lot of companies have the systems to do this but it can be done “old school” with badges to put on name plates, for example. You’ll need to create a bracket that includes all of your sales staff. Ad libs and fill in the blank contests can help drive people to your online store by testing people’s knowledge. Fantasy football teams have infiltrated the office water cooler, so why not take some of that competitive talk and let it infiltrate the sales team? The winner can then decide what they want to win, or even choose a potential prize for the next month’s winner if you want to make it more interesting. Maybe a simple “Repost to Win” giveaway would do the trick. This type of contest earns double points because it also provides you with valuable data — like what product to order, what to create next, or what to invest in. Get in the holiday spirit by encouraging contest participants to decorate holiday items — but with a branded twist. Personally, I have used gamification in my previous role as a quality, … These 20 ideas are really cool! Then place them in small gift boxes or bags. You can’t go wrong with the classic large cardboard thermometer. What You’ll Need: Again, this is an ideal case for using Blueboard. It never pays to be the loser but sometimes the loser does pay. How this works: To run this contest, you need to score rep performance, track it in real-time, create teams, and schedule a season where teams compete week-to-week. If your sales force is largely millennial (and chances are, it is) this sales incentive is a must. Maybe it’s time to try a new, more creative approach. Perhaps getting some professional help in setting up the programs would also be something that I would do. Challenge your participants you create a lookbook around your products. A creatively diabolical disincentive. Break your sales team up and simulate a random draft pick. We keep our Money Chamber on the Nextiva sales floor. For those two reasons we compete with each other on almost every level and in almost every way possible whether it has to do with school, sports, work, or even the greenness of your lawn. If you want to get a solid gauge as to what type of debt your sales reps are looking for, then have them submit their requests ahead of the contest and you can select one of the prizes as long as they are not too outrageous. Reward the office who wins with bragging rights plus a cool incentive they can all enjoy (like a team day off). The idea is to be able to compare results to co-workers on a leader board. Besides receiving the always nice pat-on-the-back from a satisfied customer and the public recognition from upper management, this contest encourages reps to not just be good at selling a product but also be ready to get a review of their service for better or for worse. Or you could set up a sales contest where the winner actually gets to take your place for a day. Some companies are enacting sneaky surveillance tactics to monitor remote employees during Covid-19, and this has implications for personal data. Reward employees for completing surveys with a “jeans day “or “leave one hour early” coupon. Ask a question like: “The Ecwid blog first posted on  ________ date?” to make people search out the answer within your website. This ensures you are incentivizing outcomes as much as hustle. This type of contest can award the largest sale throughout the month or even go from person to person at the end of each month. Wellness Wednesday. Description: Fantasy football can be a productivity killer for your sales team during football season. Metrics that are easy to track. SPOTIO is the #1 field sales acceleration and performance management software that will increase revenue, maximize profitability, and boost sales productivity. The virtues of healthy competition are well-documented. So how do you make your workers happy? Have them create an artistic representation of their favorite product from your store, and then open up voting to see which one your audience likes best. While this method make sense, it’s flawed. What You’ll Need: Stellar compensation reporting. Outline a few “most wanted” clients and divide them up among your team so each member knows who should reach out to whom. A high motivator and fun sales contest idea that gets the competitive juices flowing is a reward of time off. And the person whose team gets the most points at the end of the month or quarter wins. The best sales contest ideas unlock these behavioral tendencies. Eat Poop, You Cat. When it comes to small businesses the small things count. Think about how you’ll spread the word about your contest once it’s live. With some planning and strategy in place, you can implement a few smart contests throughout the year to boost your online sales and grow your audience in a way you could never have dreamed before. Sometimes the most obvious solution is the best one. We recommend you follow suit. What You’ll Need: This is another sales contest idea where some combination of CRM and sales gamification software will serve you well. Those tickets were then entered into a drawing.

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