Look the name of the game is consistency. Like most of us, he has other responsibilities. The data suggests ONE Length may not be a good fit in this case. New Kirkland Golf Balls Sell Out in 30 Minutes Online. Like most of the OEMs, I suspect, we’re trying to gauge what the real interest level is. I’m not disputing what others have experienced but I do think a longer shafted 9-iron would set up for a hook with a flatter swing not to mention a shorter backswing to offset the swingspeed. Only two lofts available out of the gate. My “professional” opinion is that the sound and feel of GI irons has improved the most over the past five years or so. Then the loft increase, 3d, is too low. I have not paid attention in the past to how long it takes to conduct the test. Advocates of single-length irons believe that iron length plays a much smaller role in distance than traditionally believed and that what role it does play can be made up for in single-length irons through properly matching club characteristics, including weighting properties, to the golfer. Mind-blowing, right? Tester 3, mid, has an 89.05 mph average 5 iron speed, Tester 9, high, is 87 and tester 1, 89.87. Finally, there are a few instances where the face impact area is blank. Face impact dispersion also favors F7 ONE. He plays nearly 100 rounds per year and competes in several club-level tournaments. Cheers. The swingweights will be out of whack. The golfers in this test include scratch golfers to nearly 20 handicappers, 30-somethings to seniors, high-speed and low-speed players. The problem is that there is no really true single length. The One Length irons have a red and blue theme while the Variable set has Cobra’s signature black and orange. Age: 63 Somebody tell me. Be sure to take note of the loft and length differences between clubs. USGA Index: 18.5 Launch angle, spin rates, and apex were also higher across the board with the Forged ONE. Before you buy a set of Cobras or Sterling, make sure you check out Edel Golf SLS-01. Tester 7 is a mid double-digit handicap, senior golfer. A major contributor to improved feel is the progressive hollow design through the set. My set went all the way down to the lob wedge in the one length. If you’re a low- to mid-handicap golfer and have a very high swing speed, you may be interested in trying the forged version of these irons: Cobra King FORGED One Length Irons Review. The Cobra King Forged ONE length irons have a head very similar in design to some previous Cobra models like the AMP forged and Fly-Z+ irons. So the testers might ignore their tighter landing areas and just see the ball trajectory change as a negative, when in fact, with a minor change to ball position at address, they’d see the improvement to their precision. For this tester, consistency was generally better with his current irons. Perhaps Tony can clarify, but in the first blog post a few months ago, the only wedges listed were in the One set, none were mentioned in the forged set. As you know, we also have TecFlo throughout our irons sets to improve performance. I’m not going to claim I got fully acclimated to a single length throughout my iron set, but I could definitely see advantages. Your email address will not be published. With all those claims in mind, I contacted Cobra. My guess is it will take a few rounds, but once you, as Tiger would say, put in the reps to where it becomes normal, I think (at least I hope) it won’t be an issue. Understanding my average carry with one length 5iron varied only 7 yards. Will try to find a demo set hopefully this spring here in Halifax ns. Higher swing speeds seem to benefit more than slower swingers. Got to agree with Jlukes with regards for gapping from iron to iron as this for most golfers would be of most benefit to overall distance comparing 6 iron to 6 iron etc. While our data suggests few absolutes there are three generalizations we feel comfortable making. He worked at the course, played the course…been a golfer his whole life. Since the long irons have a shorter shaft, we have to add head weight to match 7-iron swing weight. He basically said that I’m pretty good at both extremes, but struggle with “blurring” the two.. Made enough sense to me that I’m open to the idea.. I would say if you hit a lot of balls on the range then there is every chance you will benefit from these irons. Whatever the reasons for the added length, the King F7 is easy to hit through the whole set, and players will like those extra yards in each club. .. you’ve produced and I’ve had the pleasure of reading. A light head going really fast can be worse than a heavy head going medium speed. This page was last updated: 30-Oct 17:21. I can’t imagine doing such a radical changeover in one testing session. Does he know all the gimmicks over the years or what to look for in a one length club. Cobra changed the center of gravity in the 4, 5, 6 iron so they can still reach optimum height. I do it myself. I only put clients in single length if they hate practicing and need help with their game. Wishon changes its face technology throughout the set to overcome the distance issues. I’ve been playing single lengths since 2005. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. The shorter the staft the better the chance of hitting the center of the club face. Yes I did lose some distance with my 5 iron but that can be rectified with the one length hybrids. Again, the triangle helps with this concept…if you set up with the center of the club face at right angles to the center of the golf ball and you return there at impact you will hit the center of the face and optimize distance for your club head speed. After some pondering I ask what the true benefit of single length really is? I should probably give the irons I bought in September some play first..ha, I learned to play with a set of irons that were a hair too short for me, and have developed a slightly step swing plane as a result (only with irons).. A local pro told me that I’d be an ideal candidate for single-length irons because I’m fairly consistent in repeating my swing and maintaining my posture, but variable-length irons put me in an area of constant flux between my more upright “driver swing” and my more bent over “iron swing”.. The lie angle difference from 3 clubs is usually only about 1.5 degrees from 4iron to 7 iron so that is not a big deal for now. Get fit for the perfect set of COBRA clubs. But what MGS might attempt is a long term test with some golfers and ask them to report improvement in handicap over a test period. Cobra One Length irons are the first single length clubs manufactured by a tier 1 golf supplier. But the longer irons are harder to swing than before. Using Pinhawk clubs 5 to LW and once could accept mentally the longer shaft on the shorter irons have no problem. He plays 50 rounds per year and competes in several club-level tournaments each season. Because the parts of golf club design that control how far the golf ball travels (in conjunction with the biggest factor: the golfer's swing) are the loft on the clubface and the length of the shaft. As metal woods matured - the technology, materials and designs improved - they started having appeal to the best golfers, too. The reason? If u cut the bottoms of the shafts it has a huge effect on the stiffness and kick point. Honestly it’s been so long since I hit the F6, I have a tough time recalling to compare. This price point is on the upper end of the single length irons market, but since it is the only forged set of single length irons available, it’s hard to say whether this price is high or low.

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