If you have any questions, or prefer to apply over the phone, contact our office at 770-775-7857 or 800-222-4877 or send an email to csr@cgemc.com.. Central Georgia Electric Membership Corporation is offering rebates up to*$700 for the construction of new homes with total electric service. Our Mission: Provide leadership and unity through advocacy, education and communications. For members that are completing a new home in 2020. ©2020 Central Georgia Electric Membership Corporation. Keep sanitary and personal hygiene supplies replenished. Follow the restoration of current outages through the CGEMC Outage Viewer. ©2020 Central Georgia Electric Membership Corporation. If you apply for service to a location that has never before had electricity, such as a new home or business, we encourage you to apply as far in advance as possible. Central Georgia EMC offers members the option to set up automatic monthly payments in advance. Site Selection Electric service connection is provided by the next day on existing accounts (except weekends and holidays). As your Touchstone Energy Cooperative, your safety is important to us. Once you receive your welcome alert, text START to confirm that you want to opt-in to receive text messages. To establish electric service with Central Georgia EMC, please complete the below Application. *$250 rebate for heat pump water heater or solar water heater. Plan on at least 1 gallon of water per person, per day. Use flashlights and other battery-operated lighting instead of candles. Coordinate with neighbors for the care of the elderly and disabled living alone. Follow the restoration of current outages through the CGEMC Outage Viewer. A Central Georgia EMC representative will install the load management switch on both the qualifying heat pump compressor and a qualifying water heater. *$100 rebate for replacement of existing electric storage water heater, 40 gallons or greater. You can easily pay your electric bill by phone with our Tele-link system by calling (770) 775-7857 or 1-800-222-4877 and selecting Option 2. Central Georgia EMC’s Board Chairman Arthur White, Jr. and CGEMC Board Director Rod Mangham presented the Butts County Chamber of Commerce, the Development Authority of Butts County, and Butts County Schools with checks totaling $30,000 to go toward education, community, and economic development activities. You will receive an email confirming your posted payment. Note: All fields with asterisk (*) are required. You can find and contact your EMC directly using our EMC search tool. Central Georgia EMC has energy efficiency rebates to help our customer-owners save energy while improving their home's comfort level. If your lights go off during a storm, be prepared for the power outage. Choose the “Schedule Automatic Payment” option from the Payment menu. Text OUTAGE to 352667 from the mobile phone number listed on your account. The photovoltaic system must be installed in accordance with all applicable building and national electric codes. Our CGEMC web portal is available if your smartphone is not compatible with the Mobile App. A Touchstone Energy Cooperative. Have a copy of your CGEMC electric bill handy, or at least the account number located in the upper left corner of the bill. You can also text OUTAGE to 352667 from the mobile phone number listed on your account. The information you see in the Mobile App and the Mobile Web App is shown in real-time, so it is always accurate. Note: At any time during the call, Tele-link can provide a quick connection to a customer service representative or system operations. Pay your Central Georgia EMC bill online with doxo, Pay with a credit card, debit card, or direct from your bank account. After a few moments, the IVR system will give you a confirmation number. Outages are updated in real-time. Customer must consent to have a load management switch installed on qualifying equipment before the rebate can be processed. Plan where to meet and how to communicate with family members if separated. The web portal runs directly in the mobile browser on your smartphone or other mobile devices. In-office payments can be made 24 hours a day at our onsite payment kiosk. Central Georgia EMC is a not-for-profit electric corporation, also known as a Cooperative. By choosing an ending date, your payments will no longer process after that date. Listen carefully because sometimes the exact steps to follow will change. ©2020 Central Georgia Electric Membership Corporation. Follow the restoration of current outages through the CGEMC Outage Viewer. What if I want to receive push notifications for multiple accounts?     Member Search This free service brings the online functionality of our website to your smartphone. Applicants will need to agree to participate in Central Georgia EMC’s Load Management Switch program. What are the features available on the Mobile App? Select OK to enable push notifications. Manage your account anytime through the CGEMC Customer Portal. Outages are updated in real-time. You may also email a scanned, signed copy to csr@cgemc.com. The photovoltaic system must come with a minimum five-year warranty against breakdown or unusual degradation. Take Action. Training & Safety      Homes built before January 1, 2020, are eligible for this rebate. A bank draft is processed on the Tuesday after the bill date. Communications, Youth & Education Applying in advance will ensure adequate preparation time for our engineering and operations departments and help prevent last minute delays. Legislative Existing residential customers qualify for rebates. Have a portable, battery-powered radio and alarm clock. Our automated response system will return calls to members to confirm that their power has been restored. Keep essential family member contact information near your phone, in your wallet, and in your glove compartment. Explore this information to help to keep you and your loved ones safe around electricity. Apply online or download your application and return it to our Jackson office at 923 South Mulberry Street in Jackson. After an introductory message, the IVR system will prompt you to speak or input your account number, your payment type, and amount. Monroe County Kingdom Builders received a grant for $3,000 from the Central Georgia EMC Foundation to purchase building materials. Please note: The bank cannot accept past due payments. Outages are updated in real-time. Are you building a new home or making upgrades to an existing home? Keep a 3- to 5-day supply of drinking water in plastic bottles. Log in to the CGEMC Customer Portal. Georgia Magazine, Georgia Magazine | Fill your bathtub with water for bathroom use before the storm (if you have a well). Central Georgia EMC will inspect all upgraded measures before a rebate is processed. A water heater invoice or receipt is required to process a Water Heater rebate. Rebates end on December 21, 2020. CGEMC Home Energy Partner Service (Rate 1), Monroe County Kingdom Builders Receives $3,000 Grant. How do I sign up for push notifications? Have one non-portable phone that will work even if power is interrupted. CGEMC Home Energy Partner Service (Rate 1). You can also text OUTAGE to 352667 from the mobile phone number listed on your account. The rebate program is for work completed in 2020 and is not retroactive or prospective. Find Your Local EMC. Take Action, Georgia Electric Membership Corp. Headquarters 2100 E Exchange Place, Suite 510 Tucker, GA 30084, Front Desk: (770) 270-6950 The photovoltaic system must be installed by a licensed contractor. Outages are updated in real-time. A rebate of $450 per kW AC (up to 10 kW AC) is available to Central Georgia EMC customer-owners who install roof-top solar panels on their home. The Mobile App gives you the ability to receive push notifications and view a map of our offices and payment locations. Playing cards, books, drawing and writing materials, and board games help pass the time. Next, be sure to choose each account and enable the “Notify” option for every account you want to receive push notifications on this particular device. Keep track of your account, pay or view your bill and much more with the Central Georgia EMC App for Android and Apple devices. Please keep your telephone number updated with Central Georgia EMC. If you have the CGEMC App installed on multiple devices, do not forget to enable push notifications for your accounts on each device, as the push notification settings for each account are device-specific. Central Georgia EMC has presented 23 checks this month, totaling $265,650 to area chambers of commerce, industrial development authorities, and … You may want to use the automatic payment system for a particular period. With the Tele-link system, the customer does not have to press any number keys; commands can be spoken directly to the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. We are excited to announce that Central Georgia EMC ranks among the ten lowest-cost providers at 1,500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and 2,000 kWh levels. Maintain a supply of prescriptions, nonprescription drugs, vitamins, and special dietary foods.

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