For example, "Replacement cycle" can mean the number of years to replace/reconstruct an entire infrastructure network assuming an average annual level of replacement. A description of how the project is being funded (e.g. people with disabilities) have access to the services? Methods of alternative procurement can include: Each model has different service delivery potential and, as illustrated in Figure, each model is predicated on different levels of risk being transferred or allocated to the private sector. maintenance, renovation, replacement or expansion) or in categories relevant to an agencies’ program areas. This recommendation includes: © 2020 Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada, Alliance for Excellence in School Budgeting, Accounting, Auditing, & Financial Reporting, Imposed Fee and Fine Use by Local Governments, CARES ACT - Coronavirus Relief Fund: The Prime Recipient Perspective, Accounting, Auditing and Financial Reporting, Intergovernmental Relations and Federal Fiscal Policy, Public Employee Pension and Benefits Administration, Tax-Exempt Financing and the Municipal Bond Market, Awards for Best Practice in School Budgeting, Awards for Best Practice in Community College Budgeting. Where data is required but does not exist, it is supplemented by organizational experience and judgment. V. Recapitalization Plans and Strategies – Outlines renewal expenditures – major work which does not increase the asset’s design capacity but restores, replaces or renews an existing asset to its original capacity. identifying its average age and condition, utilization issues and any major inventory issues) and the methodology used (e.g. Capital plans should also provide details of the methodologies used to develop the forecasts such as the measurement tools, standards and formulas based on asset value or square footage. This includes consideration of issues such as service delivery outcomes, value for money, the public interest and social, and labour and legal issues. It’s more sophisticated modeling—with an intuitive user interface. We are Capital Asset Management, an award-winning independent financial advice and planning firm. uses a consolidated capital planning process wherein public-sector agencies’ capital plans are consolidated into a single plan to support effective financial and risk management of the government's bottom line. In order to give you optimal service, you can expect a close working relationship with your wealth manager, so that you can be ready to navigate the always-changing financial environment. In addition, as the physical condition of the asset declines, deferring maintenance and/or replacement could increase long-term costs and liabilities. [iii]The time horizons should meet the organization’s needs and take account of the organization’s period of responsibility and the life of its assets.[iv]. detailed project/program lists including a brief description of the ranking criteria and methodology used in establishing priorities; the information should be aggregated in meaningful categories for decision-makers and should include: a summary of need for each proposal (a brief statement of justification, appropriately reflecting the project’s size, complexity and risk); financial, project phase (life cycle) and other relevant information such as procurement method (e.g. SolutionsLife Cycle Engineering is committed to helping you implement solutions that improve performance and meet your objectives. This method of procuring is appropriate where it provides the best value for money of the options considered and it is necessary to protect the public interest. The plan consists of … Capital Asset Management is an ongoing process and involves many interlinked aspects of our Township. Budgetary pressures often impede capital program expenditures or investments for maintenance and replacement especially for governments that don’t prepare a mutli-year capital plan or properly consider the impact of capital projects on the operating budget,. Factors to consider here include any new statutory requirements affecting the agency or its service plan. rehabilitation, repairs, maintenance activity, additions, renovations), any other significant issues such as environmental liabilities, assess their ability to meet their objectives, within what is available within the prevailing fiscal framework, and, assess projects and develop strategies to meet those objectives, immediate health or safety issues such as fire loss, access barriers, mechanical failure or roofing failure, or, immediate program space demands due to such things as property loss, changing program parameters or changes in an agency’s legislative obligations. Lock in the final plan once assets are approved. Regardless of how an organization decides to proceed, it is certain that the maturity level of the AMP will evolve and improve overtime. What are the primary issues to be resolved and/or barriers to be overcome in moving towards the ultimate goals or outcomes? ", For example, similar expenditures can be consolidated into groups such as: maintenance and repair programs, vehicle replacement. Let us do the financial heavy lifting for you. The summaries should be consistent with those used in communicating capital requirements. GFOA Best Practice, Determingthe Estimated Useful Lives of Capital Assets, 2007. Agencies are encouraged to identify as many options as may be feasible that could be used to effectively achieve service delivery outcomes. These include: Regardless of who delivers public services, the government has a duty to protect the public interest and users of public services. We have a newfound passion for growth and change which would not have possible without their help. A service challenge statement should focus on preferred service outcomes rather than outputs or activities. (i.e. Corporate HeadquartersCharleston, SC • 843-744-7110, Life Cycle InstituteCharleston, SC • 800-556-9589, Life Cycle Engineering4360 Corporate RoadNorth Charleston, SC 29405-7445, © Life Cycle Engineering All Rights Reserved | 4360 Corporate Road, Charleston, SC 29405-7445 | 843.744.7110, Shipyard Planning and Engineering Process Support, IT Development, Operations and Maintenance, Maintenance Planning and Scheduling eLearning, Reliability Centered Maintenance eLearning, Onsite Training for Reliability and Maintenance. You owe it to yourself to enjoy the retirement you’ve always wanted. Our chartered financial advisers specialise in three areas, delivering outstanding results throughout. 3. These may include: Agencies should establish procedures to manage emergency budget risks, ensuring appropriate insurance coverage and/or working with the Risk Management Branch, Ministry of Finance, as needed. Criteria may reflect: Capital plans should include a brief description of the ranking criteria and methodology used in establishing agency priorities. Here are the recommended sections your AMP template should include: The overview section identifies the assets within the plan, how performance of the assets connects to organizational objectives, the stakeholders, and connectivity to other plans or standards. The key to this is discovering your number so that any sale is on your terms. The financial summary represents an important link to the other parts of the organization and establishes the value of asset management to the organization by integrating the financial impact of the activities into the company’s financial and strategic plans. It may be a feasible option when: Agencies should develop screening criteria to help identify viable alternative procurement projects. Alternative capital procurement refers to any method other than the traditional buy-and- borrow approach (e.g. Table[AS1]  identifies a minimum range of public interest issues against which agencies should rigorously assess all service delivery options. We guide you every step of the way and keep you on track for the future you deserve. Decision Making Criteria – Planning processes must include decision making and prioritization criteria. Plan and model capital asset acquisitions, automate depreciation methods, and gain complete visibility into the impact of capital on your financial statements. Agencies’ capital needs will be affected by different factors, but all capital plans should include: Inventory information is critical to capital planning and should be updated on a rolling basis. A base-case scenario is the most likely approach or sequence of results expected if the proposed preferred option does not proceed. A business case encompasses detailed assessments (e.g. Can the private partner be held accountable for performing to those standards? time to develop appropriate operational specifications)? Assets can also be defined and viewed in terms of systems. Finding the best solution will involve considering and analyzing a full range of options, and assessing them against public-interest and value-for-money criteria. charge for private access in off-hours), and/or, projects of a similar nature have been successfully procured using a similar method. - Capital management refers to implementing measures to maintain sufficient capital, assessing its internal capital adequacy and calculating the capital adequacy ratio. Asset leveraging is the process of maximizing the value of government assets to offset service or capital costs. This involves identifying quantitative and qualitative criteria for screening options and, at minimum, a qualitative assessment of the issues and implications of the various options, relative to each screening criteria. and identifying expenditures that are ongoing and legally (contractually) committed.

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