Understand the drugs and pharmacies available to you. Outside Topeka: 1-800-752-6650. What things should you consider when selecting a provider? For example, a child, incapacitated spouse, or elderly parent living with the employee would be an eligible dependent. Search for doctors, urgent care centers, hospitals and more. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas serves all counties in Kansas except Johnson and Wyandotte. The $200 million comes from funds Blue Cross received from the federal government through litigation related to the Affordable Care Act's temporary risk corridor program, officials said. Individual Short Term Disability Insurance, Life Insurance for Individuals and Families, Short Term Disability Insurance for Individuals and Families, Authorization for Release |����b�`�2�>���e1/,B]�v�!Udp��9J:�[��5g;7�$��\x��:����wlvX�Q��{��7 BBC reports he has been unwell for some time. "�n�4!��)�2���-έ˰� ���o[��y �(�Am�=�@��N�/����nV�f�9 %�~;� yg�1f�� ơ�hr��KFv����!g �ҫ7*2��fԫ�bH�ަ�"�T����>SG=��v@o�퓊�S���Ǻ��ϣ��9V��:��J ��%C��}H �z��U���¡4h j�s� O/0�_샅�&:Bi����1����'=��/�+g{�n��(�K��1_ⲢzX�˝�����?�؇j��^��f�L��eS����dV� +p��vz��WI���4B��m�62&7��:͑O������q�.�¾$�"a9��:|��ږ�r_:�UҮձI�)�U-��߇5�?`�oș�9�h�=�͐)!בVΡ[n 7("�;N��W����YDw�-���ย�f[Ă��L���I^ό�n��x,4��ȁ>�0E7�p؃��t��?�4��"!M�ً��}�w�����6i܉���l$�nୂrɻ�0*�id�������.le��i�,����Wz�i�(� For State of Kansas employees, customer service representatives are available from 8 am to 5 pm. c ����w� L=%���*��>���Y��"�����������~u�xP�:�U)v_�`��Zo�d{ߒ�I4PI��*m����`����������zڪ+������ ���� ��s�2�b�~��:l���L/��NN���-����a�����ܝM>4fm���w|@y%Yץ�/��*� 'zGU,�R�=�(�ɭ��o����X�����j�8W2ސ����Jw�%#k����(��$I��r���gJ�y��!���E���2�Sd����M���|����G����#GU����Ɂ7 If you previously used a social network to login to WRAL.com, click the “Forgot your password” link to reset your password. Your Blue Cross member ID card includes important information about your plan. People covered by Medicare, the State Health Plan, the Federal Employee Program, Student Blue or self-insured group medical plans won't receive a card. This form is not intended for use by Marketplace enrollees. issue $200 million in debit cards to more than 600,000 customers, Blue Cross to provide customers with up to $500 each for expenses during pandemic, Supreme Court Rules for Insurers in $12 Billion Obamacare Case, Supreme Court to consider $12 billion lawsuit over Obamacare payments to health insurance companies, Click to See All CONTESTS available from WRAL.com, Need to see a doctor? Compare costs and search for quality, in-network providers. We're here to take your call from 7 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Durham, N.C. — Thousands of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina customers should soon receive debit cards in the mail to help pay for expenses during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. `C����Ժ7��&��3Z4���a�!>7_�%l�^�?AV����A����IW��0��M�B���x"W���9/��ZI�E��c���h7��" �o��t�x���J���Tm� By taking these steps, we are helping our members stay home with the goal of keeping them and others well. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Why does it take so long to recall a dangerous product? Here’s why you need it, how to use it and what to do if you lose it. "Whatever I could bring in would make a difference," White said. To add dependents, call the number on the back of your member ID card . — Sean Connery, award-winning actor best known for his role as James Bond died in his sleep while in the Bahamas. |��j����ũ��1���������W��!��n8i`dz����bK��M����f_�]��b�\��"[� 7�U�G&lU��9yk�V�������D��G�P8s�8��#�w۷��֙8���#��Ǒ�}{������G�_�ඌ0Zޒ��/� 7. In August, he celebrated his 90th birthday. The following forms were created with Adobe Acrobat. Q Quality, personalized service is our priority–that's why we offer tailored resources to help you get what you need, when you need it. After quiet Friday night, Raleigh Mayor cancels curfew, Halloween is the last day you can vote early in North Carolina, Raleigh Starbar's liquor license suspended after uptick in violent crimes, Poll: Resurgent virus alarms NC residents, Tiny homes: A growing market during the pandemic, New grant helps Raleigh restaurants expand outdoor dining options during winter months, Tropical Storm Eta will likely form for the first time in history, Chilly weather, clear skies on Halloween; storms expected on Sunday, Large landslide closes stretch of highway in McDowell County, Brownlow's GIFs: The oldest and newest rivalries in the south, Questions, uncertainty remain as NCHSAA prepares to begin first sports of school year, Airbnb bans one-night Halloween weekend reservations to prevent house parties, Halloween mask store has accurately predicted outcome of presidential race since 1984, Surge in virus threatens to reverse global economic rebounds, DRAUGHON DRAWS: Halloween 2020 'unmasked', DAVID BROOKS: Five great things Biden has already done, Editorial: Even in dark times, Cooper, fellow governors seize a brighter future, Want something delivered by Christmas? The program was set up to encourage insurers to participate in the ACA's open marketplace by limiting their losses during the first three years of the exchange. Recent hurricanes have caused widespread damage and adversely affected many Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama members. Here are some helpful tools to help you get the most out of your prescription coverage. of Protected Health Information (HIPAA form), Change Form for BlueCare Non-Group Coverage, Coverage of Handicapped �o:�(�������Ik �I5>�y����0l��L>�p� ^�m1_�s!�ǘ�Y�c]��ж��}H*��@o�˦Eq]���g`3d�A������=Ē�ܗ�r���ø�.h��[�s����7%y��*[�-��cr�H_'���\��KC�^ Visit the Adobe website to download the latest version of Acrobat Reader. Use this form to submit a claim for a prescription drug charge if you have BlueRx Direct. Durham, N.C. — Thousands of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina customers should soon receive debit cards in the mail to help pay for expenses during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. If you have any questions or comments about this site, please notify our webmaster. More Cash App customers contact 5 On Your Side, Halloween 2020 freebies & deals valid today, Oct. 31, Foodie News: Standard Beer and Food opens in Raleigh, Trick-or-treating goes high tech for Charlotte family, Quarantines reported by Harnett schools include students in remote learning, spokeswoman says. In Topeka: 785-291-4301 In August, he celebrated his 90th birthday. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association does not have access to member information. "We’re glad that we’re able to do this for our customers, particularly given the time and the challenges that, of course, many of our customers and many North Carolinians are facing," Chief Financial Officer Mitch Perry said Monday, noting cards will start going out this week. Version 9.0 or higher is required. "When we were successful in recovering some funds from a lawsuit from the early days of the ACA, we just felt like it was a great opportunity to do more and pass those savings on to our customers," Perry said. of Protected Health Information (HIPAA form), Authorization for the Release of Protected Health Information (PHI) relating to Substance Use Disorder, Revocation of Authorization for the Release endstream endobj 1898 0 obj <>stream The government collected the funds from insurers that profited from the exchanges but didn't pay out money to struggling firms. � "Pretty much from there, they can be spent at our customers’ discretion, and our hope and expectation is that they’re spent in a way that allows them to improve their health and their wellness," Perry said. f��_��Dž a���#� Health and wellness resources to take charge of your health and enjoy your life. Sean Connery, award-winning actor best known for his role as James Bond died in his sleep while in the Bahamas. Blue Cross announced last month that it would issue $200 million in debit cards to more than 600,000 customers, each with a pre-loaded balance of $100 to $500. A “qualifying dependent” is any dependent who is either under the age of 13 or who is incapable of self-care and has been living in the employees’ homes for more than one-half of the year. The premiums on ACA plans offered to individuals in 2021 will be reduced by an average of 1 percent statewide, which company officials said would be the third straight year that Blue Cross has lowered ACA rates. We regulate the brand and licenses to all 36 Blue Cross and Blue Shield local companies. Our insurance solutions can help you begin your journey toward wellness. If your question involves other party liability/duplicate coverage, pre-existing conditions or payment recovery, specialists are available to assist you after 8 am. ID card order form (BlueAccess log-in required) Duplicate coverage questions ... Coverage of Handicapped Dependent Child Application * (Form 15-411) Dependent Child Affidavit * (Form 29-158) ... Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield … The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in April that the government was required to pay out $12 billion from the risk corridor program for 2014 through 2016, when the program ended. Authorization Form, Prime ®Registered Trademarks of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. For additional or replacement ID cards, sign in or create your member account. Washable Face Masks made in NC with love - Shop Now! WakeMed Virtual health can help. Updated: 2020-10-26 18:13:06, Posted October 26, 2020 2:09 p.m. EDTUpdated October 26, 2020 6:13 p.m. EDT, By Sarah Krueger, WRAL Durham reporter. �O�I.p�kn���3,�t����D#�C��[�TM)����XO��>���Y�����n@�� ?ߞnQxTE!�h*�{�% ��W꾡�� WARNING: Could not load HELPFUL RESOURCES. If you have been affected by a recent hurricane and have questions, you can call customer service at 1-855-745-0831. "G?H� Y�vȓ�80�qCqM����|6óqk��!�mx�j#bw ���ԯ�����z.��&�قd)�Q�N>r=.B���vvU��"�a~�~���E�/�f��@&Zڃ�5�N�B�u���I��n'd�Ȅ���k�W���r�c'��.~�ɽٮl��p��:}~�2��=L�S"�r���e�k��Q��9�-nhiS�bT�*������Fxc�n�������¸_�C���T�(E�^ K�\��r�%��G6xʭ����]���RN�Ybۆ�x���� n[yB�ק�|��ō���]��RT�ɡ��WUO{��]A]>�w�lR�g8�. BBC reports he has been unwell for some time. All rights reserved. "We did try to have some reasonable relationship to the underlying cost of insurance," Perry said, noting that people with more or higher-cost coverage would have a bigger balance on their debit cards.

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