As Undertaker's most loyal soldier, Viscera carried out any of The Deadman's most twisted requests and smashed many Superstars with the help of his partner, Mideon. [3] They wrestled in the United States Wrestling Association (USWA) and the Pro Wrestling Federation (PWF), twice winning the PWF Tag Team Championship in 1992,[4] before signing with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in July 1993. Big Daddy V: Bio Whether he was competing as Big Daddy V, Viscera or Mabel, 487-pound monster Nelson Frazier was always one of the most intimidating Superstars in WWE. Billed at 6'9" and 487 pounds, Frazier was not the type of wrestler who needed to goose his measurables for kayfabe purposes. They teamed together for nearly nine months, mainly on Heat. The news, In other worse, in the size-obsessed wrestling culture, Frazier was always bound to shine bright. Working under the original character Mabel, Frazier didn't have to wait long to wear WWE gold around his waist. (birthdate February 14, 1971) These names were all used by wrestler Nelson Frazier Jr. Nash pointed to Frazier's use of a frequently utilized move by wrestlers of comparable size, the sitdown splash. Upon hearing of his passing, well-wishes for Frazier's family and expressions of grief poured in from the wrestling community via social media: Since leaving WWE for the final time, Frazier hopped across different independent outfits sporadically but never quite stuck for long. Frazier began his professional wrestling career under the ring name Nelson Knight, one half of the team "The Harlem Knights" with his partner and storyline brother, Bobby (Robert Horne). McDevitt called Viscera's death "tragic", but added: "It's ridiculous that someone can ... try to blame someone because a gentleman with a weight problem died of a heart attack in the shower eight years after he last performed. On March 29, 1994, they won the title at a house show in London, England. [35] After Lillian declared she wanted to be just friends, Haas seemingly raked Viscera in the eye, with Viscera feigning to accidentally Samoan slam Lillian. Frazier performed at three Family Wrestling Entertainment shows in 2012 as Big Daddy V, first defeating Malta the Damager in a tables match in February. Mabel, Viscera and Big Daddy V, passed away Tuesday at age 43 after suffering a massive heart attack. [6] Mabel was awarded a championship belt, designed and created by belt maker Reggie Parks. A larger-than-life Superstar, Frazier was a former World Tag Team Champion, Hardcore Champion and the, The circumstances surrounding Frazier's death are unclear at this time. When he returned to WWE for his third and final stint from 2004-08, the company outfitted him in pajama pants and called him the "The World's Largest Love Machine" before again switching his name to Big Daddy V. Though Frazier never quite found his character inside the ring, it's obvious he made an indelible impact outside the squared circle. Son of a Horse trainer and nurse, Pasiley is the 5th of 6 children. At WrestleMania 22, Viscera won an 18-man interpromotional battle royal. [3][2], Upon coming to the WWF, The Harlem Knights were given a new gimmick: Nelson became Mabel, Bobby became Mo, and they were given a rapping manager named Oscar. Smith then attacked Diesel during the match and joined King Mabel and Sir Mo in assaulting him. He competed in the 1994 King of the Ring tournament, defeating Pierre of the Quebecers in the qualifying round before losing to IRS in the quarterfinals. He was a heel in his early days in wrestling as charactors like "The Blonde Adonis" & "Mr. Universe" for (BWF) British Wrestling Fedaration. [23] He appeared once more the next week. In his first three months on the Raw brand, Viscera mainly wrestled on Raw's sister show Heat, only making sporadic appearances on Raw. [46][47][48] He was cremated, and his widow divided the ashes into 500 pendants as gifts for his loved ones. Frazier was married to Cassandra Frazier until his death in 2014. [8] He then had a match that pit "Rap vs. Country" against Jeff Jarrett at Summerslam, which Jarrett won. As part of the tag team Men on a Mission with Mo, Frazier captured the Tag Team Championship in 1994. Skip to next photo. By Sally Clifford See photos images. [49] WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt responded in an interview with the Boston Herald, explaining that the company was considering pursuing action against Cassandra Frazier's attorney, Konstantine Kyros, who has been involved in other lawsuits against WWE. [19], On Sunday January 24, 1999, Frazier made his full-time return, first appearing at the pre-show for the Royal Rumble, then on the show itself, where he was kidnapped by The Undertaker, his Acolytes (Bradshaw and Faarooq) and Mideon. [51] Cassandra Frazier has joined the full class-action lawsuit by Kyros, which is part of a continuation of litigation since the 2007 Chris Benoit investigation, for herself, as a representative of her late husband, and his estate. Frazier's final match, as Big Daddy V, was a win over René Duprée on Qatar Pro Wrestling's inaugural tour, on October 5, 2013.[45]. That came a little more than two years after his departure, and McMahon had dreamed up a new character. Nash said in an interview with Kayfabe Commentaries that Frazier's style was very reckless and he had little regard for the safety of his fellow wrestlers. [41] Frazier was released from his WWE contract on August 8, 2008, before ever wrestling a match for SmackDown. [24], Frazier, as Viscera, returned to the former WWF – by then renamed World Wrestling Entertainment – as a surprise in September 2004, attacking former Ministry of Darkness leader, The Undertaker, with fellow former Ministry member Gangrel, at the command of former Ministry Acolyte, the WWE Champion John "Bradshaw" Layfield. Following his release from the WWF, Frazier returned to the independent circuit. [32] When Venis was sidelined with a legitimate injury in April 2006, Viscera returned to singles wrestling. Backstage, Nash recounted that a furious Vince McMahon was ready to fire Frazier immediately after the match and was about to hand him his release papers, but Nash stepped in and convinced McMahon otherwise as he did not feel Frazier should lose his job over the incident. After a brief hiatus from WWE, the massive Superstar returned to the ring as a member of Undertaker's fearsome Ministry. Mabel soon after won the championship and held it for a month defeating Colon on January 7, 1996. He wrestled his last WWE match on March 11, 2008, for an episode of ECW, losing to CM Punk in a Money in the Bank qualifying match. He was part of the Voodoo Murders stable. Big Daddy V was an entrant at the 2008 Royal Rumble where he was eliminated by Triple H. His last PPV appearance was when he participated in the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out, but was eliminated first. [1], On February 18, 2014, Viscera died of a heart attack, just four days after his 43rd birthday. The purple and gold-clad Superstar would then go solo, becoming a dominant singles competitor and the 1995 King of the Ring. Now known as King Mabel, the behemoth battled noted competitors like Diesel and Undertaker and came close to winning the WWE Championship on multiple occasions. A play by Brian Mitchell and Joseph Nixon, Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks, was performed at the Brighton Festival Fringe between 26 and 28 May 2011. The Quebecers regained the title two days later in Sheffield, England. He became smitten with Raw ring announcer Lilian Garcia and tried different tactics to seduce her every week. For most around the wrestling community, Frazier the person proved the stark difference between on-screen character and off-screen personality.

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