Fixes bug where cannot edit summary field on clone action, Fix for smart-value functions bug introduced in 7.0.3, New performance insights feature, and various improvements. If you want the full experience, try out Automation Pro today ! You can now copy rules directly from the rule list! This release contains following new features: Addressed minor issues from public issue tracker. With this release, we added a small improvement that allows you to check if a field doesn't contain a particular value. Added support for Atlassian Insight plugin version 8.4 and higher. Slack service URL prefix could be changed via tenant property named slack.notification.action.url.prefix. A workaround will be added here when available. Fixed bug with entity properties API breakage in Jira 7.x. Added multi select field and checkbox support for issue condition field. We've also shipped a number of other improvements and bugfixes in this release: Fixed race condition for round-robin assigning of issues, Bug fixes for issues not being loaded correctly, Brand new triggers for software! If you're interested in an update, renewal or downgraden you should give us the service entitlement number (SEN-Number) of the license. We've also fixed some minor UI glitches around loading spinners! You can now choose to execute rules instantly, when an issue event occurs again. Oracle threw error when adding a unique index on a column. New feature: Access outgoing webhook response data in your rules, Fix for edit comment event picked up by 'Issue commented' rules, Added support for copying and editing Tempo accounts in the Create/Edit/Transition actions, Minor performance improvement for instances with lots of users, AUT-1353 - Tenant Info shouldn't retrieve user count in server. When an automation rule is disabled, deleted or edited, and executions currently in progress will be aborted immediately, Massive performance improvement for retrieving individual audit log item details, More correct way of checking if a scheduled rule is already in progress to prevent concurrent executions, Better performance when claiming single items from the queue, Finally we switched to optimistic locking when claiming items from the queue, which removes the need to create database row locks (which in rare circumstances could lead to catastrophic failures -, The user condition now provides a check to see if a user is or isn't a Service Desk customer, You can now also edit Service Desk request participants using a simple multi select with the 'Edit issue' action, The 'Manage watchers' action can now remove all watchers. Certain smart-values would not work correctly with the set entity property action. (please not that this feature is available in the 'pro' edition of Automation for Jira only), Bug fixes for the action picker not working for some situations. Rules with a lot of JQL conditions should now also publish much faster! Minor bugfix around setting users with mismatching name and keys. Here comes the fix! Option to upgrade to our paid offering with even more actions and support for project admin rules! Better management of SLAs and issue linked triggers! Better loop detection - you should no longer see incorrectly detected loops! In this release we did a major internal re-factor to allow us to continue shipping features and improvements in the new year at the same pace you're used to from our team! #1 Feature request!! Meet Curly, our new Automation robot! A word of caution for very large instances: This can put significant load on your database, so please schedule expiry out of hours. This allows you to work with numbers and create calculated customfields. We also fixed a bug in the create issue action when switching from sub-tasks to normal issue types (causing the parent field to be incorrectly present and populated during rule execution). Notably a performance problem with instances that had a large number of custom fields configured. Namely: Yep, that's right - we're bringing back synchronous issue event triggers in this release! Enjoy! This release also includes significant performance improvements to reduce queries on the audit item tables. {{}} is the same as {{}}. Bug fixes for service desk, webhooks and other various fixes. We've fixed a number of bugs in this release: We've added a new trigger in this release to allow you to setup automation rules, that notify you when you are about to breach your service limits. We've also hugely improved performance for busy server instances (AUT-542): Finally we also fixed a bug, where rules failed to export (AUT-541) and failed to copy versions correctly (AUT-543). Fixed save operation of a rule, that uses issue assign action with user limited to selected group.

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