Choose from our range online for all States - VIC, QLD, NSW, SA, WA, NT and ACT. Its uses range from embellishing the Australian passport to forming part of all Australian government departmental insignias. The flags are 100% Australian made and come in a fully sewn option, where the flag is made from woven polyester and the design is appliqued on. with a white disc, red St George’s cross featuring four gold stars and a lion in the centre of the cross, on the fly side of the flag. This design has been used since 1993. NT – similar to the ACT flag, this is also a bicolour design of black and red ochre. A Blue Ensign defaced with the seven-point Commonwealth Star in the lower hoist quarter and the five... Other flags recognised under the Flags Act 1953. If you are unsure of which size flag you require, please visit our flag size guide. Centered in the yellow fly side of the flag is the Canberra Coat of Arms. Text and illustrations by Ralph Kelly. Above the shield is the seven pointed gold Commonwealth Star, six of the points represent each of the six states and the seventh represents the territories. ACT – is a bicolour flag of blue and yellow, with the blue third on the hoist side and the remaining two thirds are yellow. Australia has never adopted any official motto or faunal emblem. Our flags are finished with a loop at the top and bottom of the flag, to be used with clips to attach and run up a flag pole. This design  has been used since 1978. wider white panel, upon which is a representation of the Norfolk Island pine tree. The seven points denote the six states of Australia and the combined territories of the Commonwealth. Victoria. The Flag is also flown at international sporting events where Australia competes and it demonstrates the national pride and support of our competitors and sporting ambassadors. QLD – this is a defaced British blue Ensign flag, a Union Jack in the canton (hoist side) and a white disc with a light blue Maltese Cross on the fly side of the flag. This bird is used on the SA State badge, Coat of Arms as well as their flag. The state flags consist of the British Blue Ensign, each with a badge that represents the state. The Constitution provides for the Federal Government to create Territories, some of which have responsible self-government. In 1868 the use of these badges was extended to the centre of the Union Jack, for use by the Colonial Governor. In addition, some states have island dependencies, the most significant of which are Lord Howe Island (NSW) and Macquarie Island (Tasmania). Several territories have no flag: the Australian National Flag is used for the Australian Antarctic Territory, Jervis Bay Territory, Ashmore and Cartier Islands, Coral Sea Islands Territory and Heard and McDonald Islands. It is the second version post 1801 that is depicted on the Austra… The Commonwealth Star – This large seven point star is placed centrally in the third quarter of the flag. The Australian Government uses the coat of arms to authenticate documents and for other official purposes.   Buy Australian State Flags from an Australian manufacturer, Flagworld offers a range of Australian state flag sizes and materials to suit your conditions. Promotions, new products and sales. By 1875 all of the Australian states (then colonies) had adopted badges for use on the blue ensign and the Governor's flag, though several were subsequently changed. Australia’s national floral emblem is the golden wattle (Acacia pycnantha Benth.). VIC – this flag is a defaced British blue Ensign in the canton, and the Southern Cross surmounted by a crown on the fly side. Tasmania. We can supply all Australian State Flags in a wide variety of sizes and finishes. There are a number of other officially recognised flags in Australia, these include the Australian Aboriginal Flag, the Torres Strait Islander Flag and the ensigns of the Australian Defence Forces which include the Australian Red Ensign (Merchant ships) which is the official flag to be flown at sea, the Royal Australian Air Force Ensign (RAAF) and the Australian White Ensign for the Royal Australian Navy. Choose from our range online for all States - VIC, QLD, NSW, SA, WA, NT and ACT. NSW- is a defaced British blue Ensign flag, with a Union Jack on the hoist side in the canton. The flag of the Governor of Western Australia affixed to a car The governors of the Australian states, who represent their respective head of state (the Queen of Australia), have a personal flag in that role. We can also custom make flags and banners for you, please contact us for a quote or to ask any questions you may have regarding our flags, made to order options or our foyer displays. Both the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory are the only 2 flags that are not a defaced British blue Ensign design, and have their own completely unique designs. Please select from lightweight polyester, heavy duty woven bunting or top quality hand sewn flags. The Commonwealth of Australia consists of six states that were originally separate colonies of the United Kingdom. It is a significant navigational feature and intended to represent Australia’s geographical location. National Wattle Day is the first day of September and was introduced in 1913 by an association called the Wattle Day League and formally recognised on 23 June 1992. SA – another defaced British blue Ensign flag consisting of a Union Jack in the canton on the hoist side of the flag, and a gold disc on the fly side with a piping shrike (bird) centered in it. List of Australian flags National flags. Western Australia The seventh point was an addition eight years after the original in 1909. The date is still celebrated as ‘Australian National Flag Day’. The first version appeared in 1908 and although similar, it did not include any specific references to the Australian States. Personal flags. More about Australian State Flags. A black and red flag with a yellow circle in the middle. Gradually the flags came to be used on land by the state governments and from the 1970s their wider public use as a state flag was encouraged. choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Before 1901, what is now Australia was six separate British colonies. TAS – this design is a also a defaced British blue Ensign flag with a Union Jack in the canton and a white disk on the hoist side, with a red lion centred in it. South Australia. Flags of All Nations is an expert in printing, and quality fully sewn flags, but we also custom print to your design. Clips are included with the flag for your convenience. The shield is supported by two native Australian animals, the red kangaroo and the emu. As the territories were never separate British colonies, they have progressively adopted flags that are not based on the colonial pattern. This design has been in use since 1876. The  Flags Act of 1953 proclaimed the Australian National Flag. This flag pattern was introduced in 1865, when the British Admiralty determined that vessels maintained by the colonies would each use a flag bearing its seal or a badge. Australian Capital Territory. Australian State and Territory Flags. Northern Territory - When self-government was granted on 1 July 1978, the Northern Territory adopted a flag. All States of Australia have a state flag of a differing design. Contact us for a quote today. © 2018 Material Copyright to the Flag Society of Australia Inc and Pennant Advisory Services Pty Limited. Flags of All Nations manufactures the Australian State Flags in addition to the National Flags and these are available in a fully sewn or printed options. Recommendations of the Commonwealth Government by King George V led to a number of changes which resulted in the design we see today. Queensland. With the exception of Queensland 's, the current design of these flags originate from the 1970s and 1980s. On these days flags can be seen in the streets attached to cars, in shop windows and on an endless array of t-shirts, bumper stickers, badges, fake and real tattoos and even face painted flags are commonplace. By popular tradition, however, the kangaroo and emu are widely accepted as such. The Union Flag, as the flag of the British Empire, was first used on Australian soil on 29 April 1770 when Lieutenant James Cook landed at Botany Bay, and it was again used at the start of European settlement of the country on 26 January 1788. All States of Australia … New South Wales. Alternatively, there is a printed option which is finished on knitted polyester. The Australian National Flag was first flown on September 3, 1901 over the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. The hoist side is back with the Southern cross made up of white stars, and  on the fly side (red ochre) is a Sturt Desert Rose which is the floral emblem of the Northern Territory. All state flags are available in sizes from 0.75 yards to 24 yards. The Union Jack  – The presence of the Union Jack in the upper hoist quadrant of Australia’s Flag is an acknowledgment of Australia’s connection and history with the United Kingdom. This design dates back to 1876. The colours and symbols within the Australian Flag have great significance, there are three primary elements;  Directly to your inbox. On August 19th, 1988 the Governor-General, the Rt Hon Sir Ninian M Stephen AK GCMG GCVO KBE, proclaimed the golden wattle as Australia’s national floral emblem.

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