I’m a first time author and am finding as I near completion of my book that publishing and marketing are an area that I know little of. List of other Audio book publishers in United States. Simon & Schuster publishes approximately 2000 titles annually and is a major force in today’s consumer publishing industry, dedicated to bringing an extensive cross section of first class information and entertainment in all printed, digital and audio formats to a worldwide audience of readers. Because of this, I can proceed will all new learnings from your blog. The business of running a book selling business has many plot twists. I’m debating whether or not to do my next book (a nonfiction book which is doing well on Amazon) through ACX non-exclusive and Findaway for the rest. By self-publishing an audiobook, both self-published and traditional authors can potentially expand the audience for their book's content and perhaps find an additional revenue stream for their work. I’m thinking to move forward with my plans for my novel and this information is helpful. One finesse on the details you have laid out above. Publish and see you audiobook appear on Amazon. This has no doubt been driven by wide availability of platforms such as the iPod, but they’ve also proved popular for consumers who want to listen whilst travelling, exercising, or even doing the ironing. Stefan. Did you know that the $3.5 billion audiobook industry is growing at a rate 3X faster than any other type of publishing… Speechelo is one whose quality is getting quite good. The following table summarizes the three ACX distribution options that we outline above: Findaway Voices provides audiobook production and distribution services. The equipment and software you need will likely cost less than $200. “Audible has been the primary game in town for so many years, which means most audiobooks are sold through their credit-subscription model. Those are the ins and outs of publishing your audiobook. So I guess that means if a publisher wants to pick it up they cannot due to the 7 year commitment … or maybe that shouldn’t even be a concern or factor at this stage. I’m thinking of something similar except with Findaway Voices. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. It has become cost-effective and approachable for self-published authors, and there is a range of options depending on the budget you want to spend on it. Your first decision will be whether you want to be exclusive to Amazon/Audible/iTunes by distributing through ACX or whether you want to have non-exclusive distribution that will enable you to get your book on Amazon/Audible/iTunes AND other retailers, services and libraries like Google Play, Kobo, Nook, Overdrive and Scribd. And when you say to expect to pay a professional narrator $225-$300/finished hour, should that be calculated just on reading time, or on reading time + editing time? I just published one book with Findaway and so far, so good. However, they do have a production deal with Deyan Audio where, if you use their services, authors receive a larger percentage of the royalties from Author’s Republic. You find a narrator and pay them the full upfront fee for narrating your audiobook. With that being said, there are stipulations. Historically, audiobooks (aka "recorded books" or "books on tape") have provided a format for those who prefer to listen to their books rather than read them. Valerie Peterson: What made you decide to self-publish an audiobook version of your "​humoirs"—, your book about being a divorced dad?Joel Schwartzberg: As a former competitive public speaker, I always wanted to do an audio version of the book, especially so I could capture the humor and some of the subtext and insinuation with my tone and timing. Thanks to you providing such clarity, I feel ready to go ahead now and do what has been waiting for many years! ListenUp will give the author 80% of the royalty and keep 20% of the royalty. When hiring a professional narrator the process usually goes like this: The cost to produce a professionally narrated audiobook depends on the length of your book, the service you use and the quality of the narrator. Thanks! Hello, discovering this just now, as I learn about audiobook production. Include Regan books, HaperPerennial, HarperEntertainment, Ecco Press, HarperResource, Eos, Quill, Rayo, HarperAudio, HarperPaperbacks and children's. Then Findaway Voices for whatever the other two do not distribute to. Once you are satisfied with the recording, upload a cover image, create a product description, and specify your list price and distribution options. Registered in England and Wales, Company Number 6412108. However, if you decide to be non-exclusive to ACX, you have other options for your audiobook production and distribution. PublishersGlobal includes a global directory of publishing companies, publishing industry events and publishing news. I usually do a big marketing push around Father’s Day – publishing essays, buying Facebook ads, doing blog outreach, contacting stepmothers (!) There are two components to self-publishing your audiobook: 1) Audiobook Production and 2) Audiobook Distribution. I learn so much about audiobook production and distribution, Your email address will not be published. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google KWL enables self-publishers to upload, promote, and sell eBooks and audiobooks. Select the department you want to search in, in Medical Social Psychology & Interactions, Relationships, Parenting & Personal Development. I am musician/writer from Austria who wants to publish his last audio book in the US, and I fell over this great article. VP: So what made you rethink that and look into doing the audiobook version?JS: The book is perennially very relevant as divorce rates are still high and divorced/remarried dad are still questioning their identities and looking for paths to happiness and personal fulfillment. “We have exceptional Narrators and Producers and are always striving to create a perfect audiobook, offering the ears a wonderful listening experience,” says Diane Lasek of Listenup. Authors who publish through ACX cannot set the price of their audiobook. Located in Atlanta, since 2009, ListenUp Audiobooks has been one of the publishing industry’s top audio production companies. That’s if you’re looking for good royalties and don’t mind having three accounts. It’s a true pioneer of audiobooks, responsible for selling the first spoken word recording to the public back in 1952. Indeed, for the last ten years audiobooks have been one of the fastest growing segments of the publishing … Narrate yourself or have Amazon connect you with a professional, Let customers switch seamlessly between listening to your audiobook and reading your companion eBook using Whispersync, Use free tools and professional services to create your audiobook, Distribute broadly on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes and earn up to 40% royalties, Create an Audiobook Creation Exchange account. That’s actually what I was planning to do. Hi! Authors can set their own prices with ListenUp, and are informed of each Distributor’s distinct parameters for how they price their audiobooks, with a determining factor being the length of the audiobook. Ribbonfish are the UK’s leading consultancy for Salesforce, cloud CRM, business technology and rights management systems delivering the right technology for publishers, media companies and financial services. You will also have to get the files ready for upload. Once upon a time, a book would sometimes be sold together with a CD – is it perhaps done these days for an audio-file to get included with ebook or printed version? I have a friend at the starbucks I hang out with at who was blind for 15 years and now has limited vision. Thank you! Royalty Share: Author’s Republic pays authors 70% of the royalties they receive from retailers. By using The Balance Careers, you accept our. Once sales slow down, we will probably add the audiobook to Audible or another distributor, but until then, we are looking for secure ways to deliver the audio files. impellio.com, Page 1 of 8 of all the publishing houses listed in the directory of audio book publishers. However, there is also a second audio publishing imprint in the HarperCollins stable, Caedmon Audio. Thank you. When you enter an eBook in the Kindle Select program, does the Amazon exclusivity automatically apply to an audiobook version as well? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dm-rODFFj3Q&t=30s, only extends to the ebook, not to the audiobook, Webinar: Healthy Habits to Boost Your Writing, Hindsight in 2020: The eBook Market During Covid-19, KDP Global Fund Payouts [September 2020 Update], You create an account at one of the audiobook publishers or production companies (I’ll walk you through some popular options below), You find a narrator (sometimes called producer) by listening to their auditions. For example, on a book that retails for $10 on Nook, Nook will pay Findaway Voices a 45% royalty on the book price, which is a $4.50 royalty. Thanks, Ricci. The producer does not receive a share of royalties. List of other Audio book publishers in United States. I currently use ACX and have had a great experience. – but with help from some modern technology, these were surmountable obstacles, and I’m thrilled with the professional result. Approve the final product for production and distribution. Thanks for the note, Allan. It is most common for authors to perform their audiobook themselves in non-fiction where the voice the audience expects to hear is consistent with the author’s voices. Audible uses 9,400 words per hour as the estimate for professional narrators. Publisher profile: Éditions Médiaspaul Check out the Blackstone website. Nowadays, they’re more oriented towards CD, MP3, and multiple formats, but their recording facility remains busy with volume work for a number of print publishers. I am the executive producer of a dramatized adaption of “A Christmas Carol”. For more information on royalties by store, check out, How to Publish an Audiobook: Your Guide to Audiobook Production and Distribution. Hey Allison, “finished hours” refers to the length of the product the listener will receive in the end. Please note that you could take a hybrid approach and distribute directly through ACX Non-Exclusive to get the full 25% royalty rate and then use one of the other audiobook distributors to get your book onto Audiobooks.com, Google, Nook, Scribd etc. Have you published an audiobook? Take a Look >. Thank you, this is very helpful. Initially Caedmon Records, it changed its name when the label switched to CD-only production. Thanks so much Clayton for your reply. Thank you for putting in the detailed charts.

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