The Bible and the Gospel were repeatedly copied by Armenian clergymen. This church can be traced back to the 1st Century AD when its ideology was introduced by Bartholomew and Thaddeus, both Christian apostles. The largest non-Christian sect in Armenia are the Yazidis, who also represent the largest ethnic minority. In 345, the first Armenian National Church Council was established in Ashtishat, where many orphanages, nursing homes, churches and schools were built. These reports range from difficulty obtaining construction permits to physical and verbal harassment. This is not, however, the only religious identity within the country. Officially Armenian Religion is Christianity. Armenia is considered to be an open-air museum of Christianity; there are many Christian monuments in Armenia: temples, churches, monasteries, khachkars (stone crosses), ancient manuscripts. The name Ejmiadzin – literally, «where the Only Begotten descended» – refers to this episode. St. Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned for years, he survived for 13 years only by the grace of a kind woman who secretly fed him. He did everything to spread Christianity in Armenia. This means the AAC is afforded many privileges not given to other churches. The Armenians were guilty of religious prejudice just like the Byzantines. The Council also banned pagan burial, as Christians believed in the Afterlife. King Trdat fell in love with a Christian nun named Hripsime, but the nun refused to break her vows to God by marrying the king. The death of St. Hripsime had a strong effect on the king Trdat III, and he became seriously ill. Trdat’s sister saw a dream, that only the imprisoned and sentenced to death Grigor can cure king’s madness. Thereafter, the king went mad, and only after the king’s sister released Gregory from captivity to heal her ailing brother, the King Trdat converted his entire kingdom to Christianity in 301 AD, making Armenia the first nation to accept Christianity as its state religion. Its spiritual and administrative centre is Echmiadzin, and the spiritual leader is the Catholicos of All Armenians. According to the Armenian historians of the 5th century, in 287, King Trdat III arrived in the kingdom of Armenia to regain the throne of his father. After the miracle happened and the king was cured, he was baptized by Gregory the Illuminator and then he declared Christianity the state religion of Armenia. Yoruba Beliefs and Origin, Types Of Crimes By Number Of Offenses In The US. Other minority religions, and their respective numbers of followers, include Evangelicals, which total 29,280 adherents among Armenia's population, followed by Catholics (13,996), Jehovah’s Witnesses (8,695), Eastern Orthodox Christians (8,587), Molokan (2,974), Assyrian Church of the East (1,733), Islam (812), Protestant (733), and Mormon (241). 20% out of the 14,000 ancient manuscripts stored in the Matenadaran are the Bible and the Gospel. Armenia has approximately 3 million population of which 98.1% are ethnic Armenians. The majority of these individuals live around Mount Aragats. The first book, which was translated into Armenian, was the Bible, and it was translated in the V century. Armenia’s innovative architectural traditions can be seen in the church complexes as precursors to the Gothic form. According to the chronicler Agathangeghos, soon after Armenia’s conversion to Christianity, St. Gregory had a vision of the Son of God. Its spiritual and administrative centre is Echmiadzin, and the spiritual leader is the Catholicos of All Armenians. About 94 percent of Armenians consider themselves to be Armenian Christians, having derived their faith directly from Christ’s apostles. The Armenian Catholic Church, in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church, seems to be the fastest growing in the country. This canonization event is one of the largest in history and the first performed by the church in 400 years. Temples dotted the country, and one symbol example of that era, a Greek-style temple in the village of Garni, was restored in the 1960’s and still stands. And in order to get rid of pagan traditions, king Trdat III and Gregory the Illuminator destroyed pagan temples, building Christian churches instead. In the temple of the pagan goddess Anahit, he made a sacrifice. The Christian faith has shaped Armenian culture so intimately that it permeates the very landscape at virtually every corner of the country. The majority of Armenians (about 94 percent) consider themselves to be Christians. Armenians were most definitely Zoroastrian/Mazdean for centuries with gods added from the Greek pantheon after Alexander’s conquest. In 301 Christianity in Armenia was adopted as the state religion. Armenia was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as an official state religion in 301 AD. Of the 3.1 million people living in Armenia, approximately 98% are of ethnic Armenian descent. The Christian faith has shaped Armenian culture s o intimately that it permeates the very landscape at … Today, this group is building the largest Yazidi temple in the world in a small town in Armenia. Like many ancient nations, before believing in polytheism, that is around 10th Century BC, Armenians worshiped various animals, plants, celestial bodies, etc. Gregory the Illuminator played an important role in this matter and later became the first Catholicos of Armenia (326-330). Ancient books, documents, manuscripts, and engravings, found In the Armenian highlands depict that Armenian mythology is the first known religious affiliation of the Armenian people. Later, King Trdat III gave the order to sentence all the Christians to death and arrest those who accepted the new faith as the main religion. The Constitution of Armenia separates church and state, while simultaneously establishing the Armenian Apostolic Church (AAC) as the national church. After the 66-days of preaching Gregory completely cures Trdat III king. First, we will look at this genotypically and examine the DNA evidence and see what kind of an inference can be made. The Armenian Apostolic Church is the national church of Armenia. As previously mentioned, the Armenian Apostolic Church is the national religion, and has the largest percentage of followers among the Armenian populace. King Trdat was attracted by the beauty of the virgin Hripsime and wanted to marry her, but, faced with a refusal, he brutally killed Hripsime and her friends. About 94 percent of Armenians consider themselves to be Armenian Christians, having derived their faith directly from Christ’s apostles. Other religions include Judaism, Yazidism, and Paganism. The Armenian Evangelical Church was established in 1846. The largest minority religion in Armenia is Evangelical Christianity, with approximately 29,280 followers. About Nagorno Karabakh Republic (Artsakh). According to the legend, Roman girls who accepted Christianity ran from Emperor Diocletian to the east. The majority of these individuals identify as members of the Armenian Apostolic Church, around 92.5%. They found a shelter near the Armenian capital Vagharshapat. Armenian churches and monasteries were built throughout the country, on inaccessible mountain peaks, in deep gorges, in forests and other places. Pagan practices did not deter Christian missionaries in spreading the word of God to Armenians. In 2015, the church canonized all of the victims of the 1915 Armenian Genocide. Armenian Apostolic Church is Armenian’s church which was founded in the 1st century AD. And Trdat 3rd the Great (287-330), who before the adoption of Christianity was considered to be number one enemy of Christianity, was the king who accepted Christianity as the true religion. In order to heal the king, he was set free. Copyright © 2020 «Armenian Trip» | All rights reserved. What Is The Yoruba Religion? This is a rather complicated question that requires a complicated answer. At this time, paganism was widespread and practiced by the kings of Armenia.

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