De Zayas Memorandum on The Genocide Against the Armenians and the application of the 1948 Genocide Convention. Armenian News Network / Groong Review & Outlook The Review & Outlooks are analytical articles.We work with various groups and individuals to bring to Groong non-partisan articles which are based on the expert research and analysis of the authors, who are experienced and … We do not accept unsolicited material, editorials and opinion pieces Review & Outlook analysis, Calendar of Events, the Critical Corner, The Literary Groong, Armenia-Diaspora Conference coverage, House resolution 398 and 596 coverage, Constitution of Armenia, Treaties relevant to Armenia. Geoffrey Robertson QC's Opinion: Was There An Armenian Genocide? The Coming Regional Conflict and the Strategic Importance of Nakhijevan, In Defense of Closing AGBU Manoukian High School, Azerbaijani Hubris and the Coming End of Aliyev's Regime, The New Geopolitical Map of The Near East, In Pursuit of Armenian National Interests, Armenia: The Year in Review, and Outlook for 2017, Armenia: Priorities for the Next Sixteen Years, Analysis of Armenian Security and Conventional Warfare in the 21st Century, Guns of July: Events that Shook the Armenian World to its Core, Failed Azerbaijani Blitzkrieg: Causes, Consequences & Implications, Campaign 2012: A Look Through The Armenian-American Lens, Armenia's Stand: Justice At Home, Justice Abroad, Armenia-Diaspora Relations: 20 Years since Independence, No You Can't: Obama's Test And Turkey's Time, Quid Pro Quo? The Armenian News Network/Groong is a medium for the dissemination of news about Armenian life around the world. 18:30 Armenia MOD: Intensity of fire along border of Artsakh sharply increased starting from 17:00 18:19 Famous Armenian conductor Harutyun Topikyan dies from COVID-19 18:00 Spokesperson of ICRC in Armenia on withdrawal of bodies left in Artsakh-Azerbaijan conflict zone 17:52 Armenia Security Council Secretary holds phone talks with Russian counterpart 17:42 Armenian Foreign Policy: Between State and Nation, The Power Of Small (Georgia) Over Smaller (Armenia), Neither Friends Nor Enemies: Armenian-Georgian Relations, The Armenian Diaspora: In search for a New Outlook, Multilateralism: The Basis of A New World Order, Electoral Dynamics in Armenia: Runoff Looks Inevitable Now, An Examination of Laws Affecting Lake Sevan, Interview with Tony Halpin and John Hughes, One Year After 9/11: Where The Real Divide Of `Us And Them' Stands, The Second Armenia-Diaspora Conference (May 27-28, 2002), Role of the Diasporas in Transition Economies: Lessons from Armenia, Armenia and the War on Terrorism: Delicate Times Ahead, Fighting in Georgia Redraws Twisted Alliances, The Dangers of Privatizing Armenian Foreign Policy, Interview with TARC's Van Krikorian and Andranik Migranian, Polish-Jewish Relations and the Armenian Genocide, The Nagorno Karabagh Conflict: Why Precipitated Optimism has Backfired, On the eve of the Karabakh Talks in Geneva, Directions in U.S. Foreign Policy: Engaging Iran, The Struggle For Genocide Recognition: The Next Steps, Efforts for Genocide Recognition Intensify, Armenia economic policy issues as a transition country, Armenians And The 2000 Parliamentary Elections In Lebanon. Foreign Peacekeepers in NK: Source For Stability Or Concern?

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