The name “Geghard” actually means “spear”. If you’re here, you’re probably thinking about visiting this beautiful country, and we’re here to tell you that you’re in for a real treat! This is probably the best spot to see this impressive mountain. So here are the top 10 churches in Armenia you have to see. Personal travel impressions both in words and images from Armenian Church (Bangladesh). You can also help us by pinning it for others to find. Armenia went on to become the first nation in the world to declare Christianity as its national religion in the 4th Century. About 30 minutes outside of Yerevan, in the city of Vagharshapat, this cathedral is a very important landmark of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Most of the Armenian churches in Armenia were built in medieval times. The Wings of Tatev! The ones that were destroyed during wars and earthquakes have usually been rebuilt as per their original plan, with some modern touches. Their pointed domes resemble the volcanic funnel of Greater Ararat and are attached above arched ceilings. When the Armenians won the war, they restored to its current glory in 1998. This is one of Armenia’s most visited churches, mainly because it’s set on the beautiful and beloved Lake Sevan. On the site, you will find three surviving churches, each decorated in intricate designs and religious reliefs, mainly created by Momik. Finally, a firman by the Ottoman Sultan defined the delineation of the property in 1757. Whatever you choose, you’ll find a comfy place to get some rest so you can head back out and explore some more. The monastery of Geghard is probably one of the most impressive in Armenia. Geghard Monastery, one of the most impressive monasteries in Armenia, 4. According to my new friend, there are still nine Armenians in Dhaka, but as far as I found out later, the caretaker, Mr. Martin, might be the only one - and I am not even sure he is still alive. Here you can read and know more about Armenian Churches. It’s no surprise that most tours in Armenia will include quite a few stops at these impressive monasteries. Within cities, you can choose to walk, which is our favorite way of getting around. Required fields are marked *. Seriously, a ton! The baptistery, in a separate room just outside the main building: I wondered when it had been used for the last time. Answer: The Armenian Orthodox Church (also called the Armenian Apostolic Church or the Georgian Church) is the official church of the Republic of Armenia but has adherents around the world. Its construction started in 1997 and was completed 4 years later, in 2001. This is the World’s longest reversible ropeway, measuring a whopping 5,752 m. The views from the tramway are just epic! This monastery was built in the 9th century, on a large basalt plateau. Often, the vertical accent of the whole building and its height exceed the length of the church. The monastery is best known for its two-story Surb Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) church. St Grigor Lusavorich cathedral, the largest Armenian cathedral, 5. Tatev Monastery is a 9th century Armenian Apostle historical monument. It’s important to note that these churches and monasteries are not presented in any order. Welcome to the most underrated and under-visited country in Central America, Honduras. “Gandzasar” actually means treasure mountain or hilltop treasure in Armenian. With over 4,000 churches in Armenia, it’s hard narrowing it down to the very best and most impressive. The monastery holds relics believed to belong to St. John the Baptist and his father St Zechariah. Let us know in the comments. And since the beginning, Armenian churches have played a central part in the history of the country, and the daily lives of its people. Its history is also quite impressive as it is said to be the birthplace of Christianity. The origin of the Armenian Church dates back to the Apostolic age. Some may argue that Artsakh is not part of Armenia, but we beg to differ. The route there will take about 3-4 hours from Yerevan, but it’s well worth it. According to the ancient tradition, which is well supported by historical evidence, Christianity was preached in Armenia as early as the second half of the first century by the two disciples of Jesus Christ, namely, St. Thaddeus (John 14:22-24) and St. Bartholomew (John 1:43-51). It was in 301 that Armenia was declared a Christian country. Our goal was to avoid all plastic for #plasticfreejuly. But don’t expect to see the spear at the church, it has since been moved to Etchmiadzin. On the site, you will find 3 churches, St. Gregory church (11th century), St. Astvatsatsin church (1281), St. Stepanos church (1244) as well as the 13th century chapel, the tomb of Bagratids (12th century), the refectory (1248) and various premises built in the 12th & 13th centuries. It’s actually situated in the Dilijan national park and is a stop on the Transcaucasian Trail, a long-distance hiking route. Sign up for our newsletter to get our free e-book as well as our latest updates, travel recommendations, eco-friendly advice, inspiration, good vibes and so much more. It’s probably because it really does look like a treasure atop the hill. There’s something for every budget and preference. It’s also a beacon of hope and a beloved landmark of Shushi and Artsakh. , Your email address will not be published. If nothing more, the churches are impressive works of architectural art. In fact, the person letting me in and opening the church itself for me, turned out to be a Hindu - and told me that no, there would be no service that day. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a tour to Armenia and you are interested in ancient churches here is the list of top 5 inspiring Armenian churches and monasteries you must visit. Ghazanchetsots, a jewel of a church in Armenia, Again, here are the Armenian churches you have to visit in Armenia, Sustainable travel and ecotourism in Armenia, An off-the-beaten-path guide to Siem Reap, Cambodia, A complete guide for your first trip to Langkawi, Beautiful Moroccan tiles and mosaics – A photoblog, The best tips to know before visiting the Angkor Wat Temples, 10 important tips to survive travel with parents (and in-laws), UNESCO Sites Off the Beaten Track - Asia | The Silver Nomad, How to build a micro-influencer media kit – Step-by-step instructions for new content creators. Not only is Tatev a beautiful monastery, but it has a really cool mode of transportation to get there. Once a wealthy and prospering group heavily involved in the trade of the region - notably jute and leather - the Armenians now have all but died, which explains the state of abandonment that one feels. Practitioners of this faith celebrate Christmas on January 6, combining the birth of Jesus with the Feast of the Epiphany. Make sure to go during the day, and at night. It’s clear to see why this medieval monastery is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although we’re not religious, it’s hard to deny the work and dedication the people who built these churches had. You can actually go down into this pit when you visit Khor Virap. The country is known as the “land of churches” since it has around 4,000 churches and monasteries from millennia-old monasteries to crumbling cathedrals. The ones that were destroyed during wars and earthquakes have usually been rebuilt as per their original plan, with some modern touches. Artsakh has been inhabited by Armenians for generations, and it was only when the maps for the post-Soviet Union were drawn that this beautiful plot of land was given to Azerbaijan. He also carved many “khachkars”, typical Armenian religious monuments that usually consist of a cross surmounting a circular symbol. Please like, comment and share, every action on your part helps us out tremendously and is very much appreciated. Ghazanchetsots is in Shushi (or Shusha) and is the seat of the Diocese of Artsakh. It is located in the South of Armenia, 280 km from Yerevan. There are a ton of other beautiful churches to visit in Armenia. The real question is: how to enter? Although the cathedral was recently rebuilt, it is quite a historic place. When you’re there, there are 2 main churches to visit. Clicking on the pictures enlarges them and enables you to send the picture as a free e-card or download it for personal use, for instance, on your weblog. The monastic complex stands on the edge of a deep gorge and offers spectacular views of the mountains and valleys. Tatev played a significant role in history as a center of economic, political, spiritual and cultural activity. From Saghmosavank to Zvartnots, Goshavank, Vahramashen, and Sanahin, the list goes on and on! It’s almost like the churches grew out of the very earth, a beautiful idea. Not only is this church beautiful, but its surroundings are as well! If you’re not so much into churches, that’s ok too, because Armenia has a lot more to offer as well! The church is also set in the most beautiful place, up on a cliffside, surrounded by tall rock walls. See more ideas about Armenia, Armenian culture and Armenia travel. At 35 meters (115 ft) high, Ghazanchetsots is one of the largest Armenian churches in the world. Most of the monuments here were built between the 4th and 13th centuries, and large parts were carved straight out the mountain it sits on. The Origin of the Armenian Church. Although the Armenian churches built in different periods have distinct features, they also have quite a few common characteristics. We hope you guys remember who this guy is after everything we’ve mentioned about him! The original church was built in the early 4th century by Saint Gregory the Illuminator. There are also marshrutkas and buses that run around Armenia. Places Around The World Oh The Places You'll Go Places To Travel Places To Visit Around The Worlds Beautiful World … 1. What were your favorite churches to see? The country is known as the “land of churches” since it has around 4,000 churches and monasteries from millennia-old monasteries to crumbling cathedrals. When asked in a shop opposite the church, a helpful guy came with me and simply banged on the gate, until someone indeed showed up, unlocked the gate, and let me in - closing the gate behind me.

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