The Individual Redirects are for content already existing on your website. If you answered yes and yes, Redirection is the plugin for you. Rank Math is the swiss army knife of SEO tools for WordPress. If a user does not match any rules you set above, then you can redirect them by entering a URL here. 301 Redirects. Login status – redirect only if the user is logged in or logged out 2. It is a very useful tool if you wish to preserve the page ranking of your website. It also comes with the ability to force load static files, such as images, CSS, js, etc., using HTTPS. Translate “Redirect List” into your language. Like the Redirection plugin, WP 404 Auto Redirect to Similar Post is a free and highly-rated plugin. I have used Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect. * Add back compatibility fix for URL sanitization, = It gives you complete control over your entire website’s on-page SEO. See all integrations. Let’s just see how can we use this information to Redirect our WordPress Websites using below methods. Serbian translation thanks to Ogi Djuraskovic You’ve probably come across mentions of 301, 302 or 307 redirects in the past and may well be unsure about exactly what should be used where. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best WordPress redirect plugins to manage your website redirects. The URL path and query string is preserved when redirecting to the new site. The plugin is helpful when you are updating your content and expiring the outdated pages. By continuing, you agree to our Terms & Conditions, Cookie Policy & Privacy Policy. Redirections are automatically created when a post URL changes, and it is a lot easier to manually add redirections than to hack around a .htaccess. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated according to our privacy policy, and all links are nofollow. Right-click to rename it .htaccess_old. It is a very handy WordPress redirect plugin and is very useful in changing domains or hosts of your website. “Redirect List” is open source software. You also get the added benefit of being able to keep track of 404 errors. The Redirection Manager has plenty of well thought out options that help you manage your redirections better while keeping the entire process friendly and easy. WordPress Redirections Plugin. My redirects aren’t working – the old .html page still shows For this plugin to work, the page must be within the WordPress environment. Full documentation can be found on the Redirection site. Price: It comes as an addon for the Yoast SEO Premium WordPress plugin. A ‘hit’ count is maintained for each redirect so you can see if a URL is being used. Thank you to the translators for their contributions. Referrer – redirect if the user visited the link from another page 5. For more plugin recommendations, check out the. from the settings screen. It would take hours of unnecessary and repetitive work. Redirect Manager is a popular WordPress redirect plugin by Yoast SEO Premium. Their extensive documentation helps you understand which redirect type you need to select when you delete a page. The field is hidden when editing until toggled, Fix ‘bad nonce’ error, props to Jonathan Harrell, Fix incorrect module ID used when creating a group, Fix .htaccess duplication, props to Jörg Liwa, Fix fatal error in table nav, props to spacedmonkey, Configurable permissions via redirection_role filter, props to RodGer-GR, Fix DB creation to check for existing tables, Updated Italian translation, props to Raffaello Tesi, Updated Romanian translation, props to Flo Bejgu, Default log settings to 7 days, props to Maura, Updated Danish translation thanks to Mikael Rieck, Remove 404 module and move 404 logs into a separate option, Add Danish translation, thanks to Rasmus Himmelstrup, Clean up log code, using WP_List_Table to power it, Fix order of redirects, thanks to Nicolas Hatier, Update Russian translation, thanks to Alexey Pazdnikov, Add Romanian translation, thanks to Alina, Add Turkish translation, thanks to Fatih Cevik, Use fgetcsv for CSV importer – better handling, WordPress 2.9+ only – cleaned up all the old cruft, Upgrades from 1.0 of Redirection no longer supported, get_home_path seems not be available for some people, Update plugin.php to better handle odd directories, Install defaults when no existing redirection setup, Fix problem with custom post types auto-redirecting (click on ‘groups’ and then ‘modified posts’ and clear any entries for ‘/’ from your list), Add patch to disable logs (thanks to Simon Wheatley! Premium plans, Connect your favorite apps to HubSpot. Now, as we have talked about all the different types of Redirects, various types of WordPress redirect plugins. An x.1 version increase introduces new or updated features and can be considered to contain ‘breaking’ changes. This site uses cookies to provide basic functionality and improved security. Finally, a Redirection Manager that is the real deal. = After you activate this plugin, the plugin will prompt you to redirect to a different URL whenever you delete a page or post from your website. This WordPress redirect plugin works well with Multisite. You can match query parameters and even pass them through to the target URL. Redirect plugins are an important asset for every website, no matter its age or industry. Translate “Redirection” into your language. The following people have contributed to this plugin. Do you want to keep track of your 404 errors and manage the 301 redirections of your site? In a new tab of your dashboard labelled Broken Links,  you can edit the links directly without having to manually update each post and page.

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