The procedures at the border are pretty straight forward and painless, though expect the entire border crossing and travel times to take … Iraq partially reopened the Mandali border crossing with Iran on Saturday after a 3-month closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. [2][3] Ottoman control of Mesopotamia was confirmed following the Ottoman–Safavid War (1623–1639), which was ended by the Treaty of Zuhab. [8], During the Ottoman–Hotaki War (1722–1727) the Ottomans invaded Iran in league with Russia, gaining large parts of north-west Iran via the Treaty of Hamedan. I was told other companies have buses departing at 6am and 8am as well. Once finished you will walk out the backside of the building where you will have to show your visa and the exit stamp on your paper before continuing on to the Iraqi side of the border. Your email address will not be published. [9][8], The Ottoman–Persian War (1821–1823) ended with the signing of the First Treaty of Erzurum, which re-affirmed the 1639 Zuhab border. The border is currently open. Most nationalities arriving in Iran by flight into one of Iran’s several International Airports are eligible for a visa on arrival. Learn more about how to get an Iranian Visa here. [8][16], While that resolved Iran's major grievances, it failed to respond to the issue of freedom of navigation in the Shatt al-Arab. Both border crossings are open to foreigners. Note that Iraq and Iran are on different time zones. We finally arrived in Erbil at 6:30pm Iraq time. About 1.5 hours after departing we stopped at a chaikhana for a toilet and food break for about 30 minutes before continuing the rest of the way. [22] Relations were restored in 1990 and have improved substantially since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003. At that point, you will take your bags and place them through an x-ray. Gurbulak – Bazargan: Between Dogubayazit and Tabriz, this is the busiest border crossing. He will call up people one by one to the immigration counter. Though worth mentioning I had no problem making a purchase in USD on the Iraqi side and receiving change in Iraqi Dinar. The Basra and Wasit crossings in southern Iraq were earlier reopened. The Iran–Iraq border runs for 1,599 km (994 m) from the tripoint with Turkey in the north down to the Shatt al-Arab (known as Arvand Rud in Iran) waterway and out to the Persian Gulf in the south. Once you officially exit from the Iranian side you will continue onto the Iraqi side and enter a building. A Guide To Iran’s Rainbow Island Of Hormuz, Erbil Travel Guide + 7 Things To Do In Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, Visiting Dore Canyon Near Barzan, Iraqi Kurdistan, Visiting The Yazidi Holy Site Of Lalish, Iraqi Kurdistan, Soaring Mountains & Alpine Lakes In Gomi Felaw, Iraqi Kurdistan, Visiting The Ancient Assyrian City Of Amedi, Iraqi Kurdistan, Click Here For $20 off your first booking with Airbnb. The Kurdish side of the Iran-Iraq border is a bit more chaotic. [10][11][8] A boundary commission involving Iranian, Ottoman, Russian and British officials assisted with the boundary delimitation, resulting in the Second Treaty of Erzurum of 1847 which affirmed the 1639 border with some small modifications. The border starts in the north at the Turkish tripoint (at 37° 08' 44" N and 44° 47' 05" E). This is the better crossing for those coming from Tehran, Kermanshah, and Iranian Kurdistan to Sulaymaniyah. In late April 2019, I crossed Iran-Iraq border (into Iraqi Kurdistan) at the Tamarchin-Haji Omaran crossing as part of my overland trip from Afghanistan to Iraq. The war concluded with the Peace of Amasya, by which Ottoman rule over Mesopotamia was confirmed. [21] Almost the entire ground war was fought in close proximity to the international boundary, though the conflict resulted in stalemate and following the end of fighting no changes to the border were made. Fr… In order to enter Iran at a land border, most all nationalities will need to obtain an Iranian visa in advance. The border is currently open. Those travelers arriving in Iran overland must have an Iranian visa prior to travel as visas on arrival are not given at land borders (they are only issued to those flying into Iran). TR -> IR: Very few Turkish buses go from Erzurum to Dogubeyazit. Please note that US, UK, and Canadian passport holders have to obtain a full visa before travel and must be accompanied by an approved guide who will get you an authorization code. A VIP ticket costs 1,000,000 IRR (~$7.25 USD) for the journey to Erbil. The border is up in the mountains so it can get quite cold so dress accordingly– in late April 2019, it was snowing when I crossed. Updated April 2020, Crossing the Iran-Iraq Border Crossing at Haji Omaran was originally written in June 2019. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Once inside you will walk to the front of the room where there is a desk and hand over your passport to the official there. On March 8, the Iraqi authorities shut five commercial crossing points with Iran in an effort to contain the spread of coronavirus in Iraq. Reza (05349641144) drives a private car once a week from Erzurum to Tabriz and back (100 lira, 8 hours). Once it is approved you will need to take it/send it with your passport to the nearest Iranian Embassy that you should have specified on your online authorization application. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. As a result of the secret 1916 Anglo-French Sykes-Picot Agreement Britain gained control of the Ottoman Vilayets of Mosul, Baghdad and Basra, which it organised into the mandate of Iraq in 1920. How Much Does It Cost To Backpack In Iran? I was able to pay for my meal in USD and they gave me change in Iraqi Dinar (at market rate even! Learn how your comment data is processed. Relations soured once again in 1979, as Saddam Hussein formally took office and the Shah of Iran was overthrown in the Islamic Revolution and replaced by a Shi'ite theocracy under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. [17][18][19] In retaliation Iraq supported Arab separatists in Iran’s oil-rich Khuzestan province, with Iran supporting Kurdish rebels in Iraq.

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