During season 1, she switches between a set of a blue dress shirt and knee-length skirt and a set of (orange or lime) sweater and brown miniskirt. [15] Throughout Archer's early seasons, the character creates a number of aliases as part of one of the comedy's longtime running gags. [8] Cecil even attempts to extort her wealth after an unprofitable investment in an undersea research facility leaves him bankrupt. Cheryl is not completely devoid from participating in the management of the family business, she is depicted in "Baby Shower" explicitly expressing her distaste of a glass pool outside the presidential suite at the illustrious "Tuntmoore Towers" hotel in New York. Released 3 March 2014. For instance, she thought insurance with a high deductible was good because "Don't you deduct it on your taxes or something?" [4] Though Lana catches Cyril cheating with Framboise, the former human relations head at the Organization of Democratic Intelligence Networks (ODIN),[5] Cheryl nonetheless reveals the affair to her, adding more tension to their rivalry. ", "Ugggggh! [9][10], Cheryl is introduced as an emotionally fragile woman who craves Sterling's affection. Go directly to shout page. George Washington Tunt (paternal ancestor, deceased) Use the boards for extended discussion. Cheryl's money is locked up in a trust fund. Jessy Lynn Martens is an American country music singer. Don't use this space to complain about the average rating, chart position, genre voting, others' reviews or ratings, or errors on the page. Mr. Tunt (father, deceased) Mrs. Tunt (mother, deceased) Listen to your favorite songs from Cherlene (Songs from the Series Archer) by Cherlene Now. They said, 'Remember that thing?' Genres: Television Music, Outlaw Country, Country. Cheryl has gone through multiple personality changes throughout the series, with her mental stability appearing to deteriorate as the show progresses. I read for many different roles and then finally they cast me. There is a very good chance that her extreme fetishes stem from childhood sexual abuse, as is heavily implied in Pocket Listing when she said that her grandfather used to use the secret tunnels in Tunt Mansion to "look in on the children." Charlotte shares many similar characteristics with Cheryl including her appearance, status as a wealthy heiress, distrust of her family, shortsightedness, naiveté, excitability, elitist tendencies, and fondness for violence and drugs, in this case codeine and dexedrine. Cherlene (Songs from the TV series ARCHER). Archer has repeatedly infected her with chlamydia. Leave feedback, Cherlene a fictional artist from the TV show Archer. Greer recalled in an interview, "It was really fun to see her evolve and I think [Reed] and I always had fun recording together. Only from season 3 does she stick to the perpetual orange-sweater look. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Unlike the majority of female characters on the show, Cheryl and her. Cheryl's lack of computer savvy is shown as she attempts to turn on her computer by typing the letters "O" and "N" on her keyboard,[9] and search for an online pregnancy test. [11][7] She and casting director Linda Lamontagne, whom she worked with in Glenn Martin, DDS, consulted with the producers in Los Angeles for the role: "She was kind of relentless with them, saying 'Use her, use her.' Cheryl, part of the wealthy Tunt family, is introduced as the incompetent personal assistant to Malory Archer (Jessica Walter). She maintains some kinkiness to her character as she indulges in some drunken eyehole licking. She often refers to this obsession with being killed as erotic, for instance in Honeypot when she reveals a fantasy about a fireman choking her to death instead of performing CPR. She is a full spectrum masochist and gets aroused by simple slaps, and, at her extremes, demands to be choked during sex (erotic asphyxiation) and becomes "wet just thinking about it." [4] Or when she thought it was good that having chlamydia put her over her deductible, "So the rest of that year all my doctor visits were totally free, score!" Here is a sample of four images from the gallery: In a possible coincidence, feminist rhetorician Cheryl Glenn was mistakenly called Carol so often by Edward P. J. Corbett that she also sometimes adopted the nickname. "[22], Cheryl's characterization and Greer's voice work has been well received by the media. Cheryl and Cecil Tunt (Cheryl's brother) are the only two surviving members of the Tunt Family, an extremely wealthy family who are the descendants of the railroad tycoon Cornelius Tunt. In Season 5, she has a psychotic break from reality and becomes Cherlene. For Archer Vice, the comedy's fifth season, Jessy Lynn Martens provided the character's singing voice. Her maiden name is Vandertunt, thus she is the identical persona as the one featured in the previous season. Movies 'Archer' Goes Country: Meet The Girl Who's Singing For Cherlene FX's series gets a country music makeover, courtesy of singer Jessy Lynn Martens. A new version of Last.fm is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site.

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