simple but good. – Direct box and amp simulator pedal in one – 3 different voices – 2 presence controls – Eliminates humming and buzz. Additionally, the amp simulator pedal can give you more options for sounds, as you can easily switch between two amp settings with a footswitch rather than reset your amp every time between songs. 2, How to get this tone with 1 or 2 pedals? The SansAmp GT2 is a true range amp simulator, unlike most of the cheap amp in the box pedals out there that limit your frequency range. The preamp stage is based on the Ampeg SVT ®. Transform your sound. An amp simulator pedal or amp in a box style overdrive pedal is a bit of a tricky concept in the music world. For those who want the best amp simulator pedal but are on a strict budget, you should consider the Joyo JF-16 British Sound Effect Amp Simulator. In terms of controls, you have a three band eq control as well as a level, voice, and drive knob for shaping your overdrive sound. While they are certainly a part of some people’s pedalboards, other people feel like they are completely useless and most probably haven’t even heard of the concept. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. No fizz, sounds real. The best feature of the Joyo JF-16 is its built in cabinet emulation. The Tech 21 SansAmp GT2 is the best amp simulator pedal if you are looking for one of the most popular devices on the market. The SansAmp GT2 is loaded with features and controls that can amp your tone to your liking. I use an AMT SS-20 for actual guitar, haven't tried it on synths. We think this pedal does a great job emulating a tube amp distortion and creates all sorts of tones. Sound wise its amps are close to any software I use, Electronic Music Instruments and Electronic Music Production, Fractal Audio Systems - Axe-Fx II Guitar Processor, Preamp, Effects Processor - MFC-101 MIDI Foot Controller, Profiler | Kemper Profiler | Guitar Amplification Redefined,,,,,, What more do we have to say? We really like Radial’s popular JDX tone shaping, which is modeled after the sound of a Shure SM57 in front of a Marsahl 4×12, thus the JDX 4×12 option. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. – Very cheap – California distortion voice – Built in cabinet emulation – Emulates a DI box. I have tried a lot of different amp sim hardware, and it's the first one that doesn't bug the **** out of me. So instead of having an amp and have it potentially failing on you, you can just throw this at the end of all of your pedals and have it like a clean amp. Let’s just say this is definitely a niche market and those who really like amp simulator pedals will vouch for them regardless of other’s opinions. Of course, it is not as powerful, but for the most part it gets the hob done without having to carry around a giant amp with you. The class a/b controls the amount of odd harmonics to input and together witg the tone create your desired distortion. Also, the Joyo pedal has a great reputation, but in the end it is a bit of a Tech 21 SansAmp knock off. The Tech 21 SansAmp GT2 is the best amp simulator pedal for those who want one of the most popular amp in a boxes out there. This particular all analog pedal is part of the Joyo JF series that includes other amp simulator effects with different voicing effects such as the California distortion sound. It has three easy to use control: level, tone and class A/B. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. No effects, just the Amp. Grabbed the American (Fender) and the AC Tone (Vox) and they sound surprisingly good; however, they have a pretty steep HPF starting at 200Hz (as most guitar amps would), so you might not be the first choice for bass lines, although you could blend with the original track. There is a 3 mode voice switching, lots of gain controls, and a 2 band EQ. We believe that the NUX AS-4 does a pretty good job in simulating the characteristics of distortion and the cabinet sound of a real amp. However, you can still use it with your amp. With this level of tone control, you won’t need another amp emulator to properly carve out your tone. – Simple design – Very affordable – Gain and level knobs – Pretty solid build quality. Furthermore, it is incredibly portable and can even run on a single 9 volt battery. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Transform your sound. As a cherry on top, you get a LED indicator to show that its on and the battery level. Finally, you get a true bypass, which also minimizes tonal losses. Diese kleinen Geräte simulieren den Sound von echten Vintage-Amps und modernen Verstärkern. We like how you get to switch between 3 tube amp styles: a high gain tone, a classic British drive, and an american tweed sound. Finally, you pick your virtual mic placement, so here you have off axis, center, and classic options. Overall, we think the best amp simulator pedal should do a great job in replicating the sounds and tone created by a standalone guitar amplifier. This analog pedal has it all: multiple voices, 2 band EQ, and virtual mic placement. Mit einem Amp-Modeller gestalten Sie Ihren Gitarrensound noch flexibler und abwechslungsreicher.

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