With AMP Pro Mobile you are prepared for everything. 21 Popular AMP Templates For Top-Notch Mobile UX 2020. From small and all the way to the large screens, AMP Card Mobile supports them all and performs flawlessly. Do your thing with Ceris because you can. That said, anyone who is launching a new online project, make sure it is fully responsive and follows all the modern web trends. Eleco is a mobile theme that has been winning the hearts of web designers and innovators over the years. Product category, product detail, cart and checkout pages are all included in the … More AMP Templates. We have included template installation files into the download package. But what also speeds things up when it comes to crafting a stunning website are all of our best AMP templates. Thank you for visiting Colorlib and reading this article! But you know the gist of it, meaning, you can tailor it to other niches and industries, too. Use in client project A travel and experience focused site with extensive animations and e-commerce functionality. Some of the cool features of Illin.co are newsletter pop-up, mega menu, Ajax search and film slider. On the other hand, feel free to stick to the default settings and have the finishing product ready to roll in little to no time. The templates on this website are free to use and it takes a lot of time to create such amazing work. To meet their expectations when it comes to flipping through your content, an AMP template is what you should take into consideration. Get new theme layouts every week with the design update. build, and deploy responsive AMP websites simply by dragging and dropping AMP components! It is suitable for charities, religious organisations,  and non-profit organizations. All the pages and features that come with AMP Card Mobile template are entirely AMP valid, hence the name. It will help you in preparing and acing your interviews. LIVE PREVIEW, AMP Template Theme Fashion 4 With so many blogs and magazine-like sites, the competition is strong. There are actually well over twenty predefined demos for you to take to your benefit. Try contacting support at hello@amptemplates.io. Spacious and Clean e-commerce Theme Your content will load immediately, your visitors will stay and your business will grow. In the kit, Fona delivers twelve impressive, clean, modern and trendy pixel-perfect samples. In fact, you may dig the sample so much, you will want to stick to it as is and start publishing compelling content right away. Veen is fast loading, translatable, 100% mobile-ready, SEO-friendly and cross-browser compatible. It is user-friendly which adds to its charm. Very sensitive web browsers, indeed. With a collection of fifteen samples to choose from, you can kick things off in a single click. It goes like this: you click, it opens. To avoid the struggle, with our list of the best templates, you are safe and ready to launch your new project’s website in no time. Illin.co supports accelerated mobile pages is completely responsive and makes building a hardware store easy task. All this means is that you can create an impactful blog even faster. We change everything WordPress. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated with future template releases and editor modifications! Not just that, but you also need not be a coder nor a designer. Meaning, you do not need to look elsewhere, as Bifrost takes care of it all when running and operating an online portfolio with comfort. It is all very doable with a modern and elegant template. In Stock Quick view. But he never misses a daily workout to get the blood flow going. Bring into being a mobile masterpiece which will have organic traffic racing towards your content. AMP Template Theme Fashion 4 Spacious and Clean e-commerce Theme LIVE PREVIEW DEMO $69.99 $79.00 -11.41%. When having the right blend of everything, you are set to march towards victory. Make Exponent yours and shine online. It will take you little time so you can start selling as soon as possible. We have got you covered! With the AMP News Mobile template, it will be easy to build and simple to manage a page. And that is definitely a good thing. If one thing you should be concerned about is the fact how quickly your site loads. Perfect Lead Capturing AMP template for your next marketing campaign. One of the fastest loading templates you can treat your website with ensures the greatest user experience to every mobile device users. Like that would not be enough, you can also edit and fine-tune the appearance of Exponent to the very last detail. Predefined homes are for car spare parts, lingerie, furniture, bikes and medical websites. can also write to us at hello@amptemplates.io. For building a blog or an online magazine, you really need nothing else other than Ceris. What this means is that your website’s loading speeds will be blazing fast. For all the techies, we are speaking about a light framework with a basic HTML which incorporates special AMP properties. page categories. One of the fastest in the game regarding both mobile search engine rankings and page loading. And any from the collection you find on this list will do the trick. Exactly what you should look for when picking the ideal item for constructing your website. Add to cart More. FOR WIN FOR MAC. Required fields are marked *. LIVE PREVIEW DEMO. They are optimized for speed so the UX is at the highest levels. Are you ready to take the plunge and make things happen? Additionally, AMP Pro Mobile template comes with 60 pages and a working contact form. Designed with Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages, it gives your site a feel of a news app. Moreover, Exponent is a striking multi-purpose tool that you can utilize for all sorts of different business intentions. Other features of ZoxPress contain automatic post loading, night mode, parallax ads, RTL compatibility, mega menu and full-width feature. On top of that, you can expect new styles to drop regularly, so you are good for years to come. This site canvas comes with the useful WooCommerce plugin which simplifies the process of accepting orders online. Included in this library are fonts, icons and colors, all of which you can combine to form thousands of stylish, elegant and modern web designs. Heck, you do not even need to know how to code to get things moving forward. A special sidebar menu with smooth page effect was designed using nothing but CSS3. One of the best features of Yummy is the stunning full-screen table design sidebar. As far as the AMP Project goes, it is not only about the overall exquisite user experience, it is also helpful when it comes to search engine optimization. AMP Portfolio Template. AMP Mobile is a powerful template with all the needed features and must-haves. Whenever we speak about mobile sites, it is essential that it loads as fast as possible. Fona comes with Slider Revolution, drag and drop page builder, Clever Mega Menu, Clever Swatches, outstanding product pages, shipping calculator and live search to name a few. We have a very very early stage AMP drag drop builder. Build unlimited AMP themes with ease. When browsing it from a smartphone, your website will look like an app and very appealing to the eye. Ceris is another top-notch AMP template that requires no coding knowledge whatsoever. Saasland is another powerful and practical AMP theme that works for all sorts of agencies and startups. Since you already get the gist of the whole Accelerated Mobile Pages game, let’s dive fully in with a powerful template which hears by the name, AMP Pro Mobile. You can simply add various integrations and files to highlight your perfect website further. As you may know, all AMP websites have a tendency to rank higher in search engines, especially Google. To make your page as fast as possible, there are many methods you can go with. In case you are not satisfied with the purchased product, we’ll change it to another one for free. For you, we did all the hard work and compiled a list of the top AMP templates. Copyright 2013-2020 Colorlib - All Rights Reserved. The power to design, build, and deploy responsive AMP websites simply by dragging and dropping AMP components! Jewelrix, as the name implies, is a jewelry-first AMP template for mind-blowing online stores. Perfect for bringing your apparel collection to life. Take me there, now! Mic drop. Rok is a professional content creator and an enthusiastic marketer who spends most of his day behind the screen, drinking coffee and listening to black metal. This highly adaptive tool is ready for just about any and every challenge when it comes to building websites. This Amp template is for everyone who wants to deliver a fantastic browsing experience to their leads. Still, all the layouts are also fully customizable, perfect for branding them and personalizing the design. Due to the simple appearance, you will not even want to change much when it comes to the design. You AMP is an open-source HTML framework that provides a straightforward way to create web pages that are fast, smooth-loading and prioritize the user-experience above all else. Mic drop. From then on, it’s only a matter of adjustments and refinments that you would like to perform to make ZoxPress follow your directions precisely. $39.99 $139.99 In Stock Finances & Insurance Royalty free use 12 months priority support Use in client project 100% satisfaction money back guarantee LIVE PREVIEW $39.99 $139.99 Add to cart More. Many themes and templates out there already know the gist of it. In short, Ceris is for everyone. Perfect way to express your ideas into words! However, with a properly structured website, you can quickly get on the same level of those established ones. This scenario you will easily achieve with the powerful AMP templates. The ideal scenario will be if every page loads instantly. Now you might want to learn how to make a website using our free WordPress themes. Source. Following the AMP Project rules by Google, Insta Mobile template guarantees instant loads and comfy browsing from any mobile device. Pick it up and start putting it into use. 100% satisfaction money back guarantee Different header and footer styles, eCommerce, optimized for fast loading speed and SEO, sixty shortcodes and just oh so many more elements come part of Webify. Starting out, you get to choose between five demos which are all highly customizable. Get them to the desired content as quickly as possible with as little clicks as possible. We highly appreciate it! There is all and everything you need to bring into being a top-notch mobile website which will impress guests. It is only a matter of you and how quickly you are going to put it to use. here. There is also a blog section which you can use to further push your products and for content marketing. If Pick from their designer-made layouts, all of which are unique and appealing. Be in the know. It is all in the simplicity, smooth animations and an overall first-class experience what you easily achieve with a proper technology solution. It should be minimal, distraction-free and load rapidly. One WordPress theme at a time. Once they land on it, they will be impressed right off the bat. In fact, this tool easily suits just about anyone and everyone, as it adapts to any industry or niche with ease. Meaning, you will witness better rankings compared to those whose pages are AMP-free. 2 skins and a whopping 50 pages are available with AMP Card Mobile template for you take to your advantage. With Jevelin, anyone can make things work out for them. It feels like they have already been reading your website even if they visit it for the first time. The card-like web design gives your site a distinct look that users can benefit from using any type of mobile device. Divi is also optimized for fast loading speed and SEO. Become the one who is known by the superb mobile adventures. If you would like to get the gist of Jevelin first, watch video tutorials and see how simple the process is. For bakeries and restaurants, Yummy is here to take care of your needs and online mobile appearance. All procedures are made clear for you, so you can easily embed the content into a website. Go try it now! Fona is a banging AMP template for creating remarkable and business-driven eCommerce websites. AMP Basic Template. Regardless of the products you would like to push, you can make it happen with Fona.

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