By C-Lance), AUK33M – “33SZN” Prod. Posted by: Legends Will Never Die Perhaps a more accurate statement would be that there is no interest in one. i like u, Yeah, Action talks about food where Ghost would talk coke, dafuq's wrong with Beasties cap?? A record made over the course of a few months, on and off, containing breakbeat samples fully-produced by revered New York producer Tommy Mas, who Bronson still works with to this day. Etna” talks about depression over a relaxing Daringer instrumental. Thomas Momas - 23. He returned last summer with Blue Chips 7000 & now that he’s completely independent, he has decided to celebrate with his 5th full-length album. Reviews. And Bronson attacks every one of his tracks, delivering quick bursts of streetcorner shit-talk, having too much fun to take himself seriously. Meine Beziehung zu Action Bronson geht zurück bis kurz nach seiner ersten Online-Veröffentlichung „Dr. The penultimate track “Ring Ring” gets back on the boastful tip over a Harry Fraud instrumental with some funky bass & then the album finishes off with “Swerve on ‘Em”, where Bronson links up with A$AP Rocky to talk shit to their competition over a dreamy instrumental with some punchy drums. Close Menu. you ain’t gotta worry bout a thing i got it covered, ), Bronson can also start off “Larry Csonka” with throw away lines like “fuck that sittin’ down rap type shit/ I stand up cuz I’m a fuckin’ man,” and it remains a solid track. He's not a rip-off artist; he's got none of Ghost's emotional streak and little of his vividly violent storytelling impulse. Chance the Rapper)“ bereits angedeutet. Interviews. 4.0 excellent. Die Attitüde, mit der er zu Beginn des Videos im italienischen Delikatessenladen auf die Sprüche des Verkäufers eingeht, lässt schon zu Beginn seiner öffentlichen Wahrnehmung seine Vermarktbarkeit erahnen. Generell verbreitet das Album aufgrund seiner zahlreichen Instrumental-Parts, festgehaltenen Vortragsfehlern des Protagonisten und Einwürfen des allseits beliebten Bronson-Cousins Big Body Res, der schon auf vorherigen Veröffentlichungen immer den liebevollen Pöbler-Part übernahm, eine durchaus angenehme Mixtape-Atmosphäre. Dennoch, Momente wie: „All I do is eat oisters, and speak six languages in three voices“, „Ma‘ we did it, I love you, you lucky slut“ oder „Shout-outs to my cousins… All of them“, unterstreichen die Leichtigkeit, die Bronson ausstrahlt und die ihn eben so sagenhaft greifbar und authentisch macht. Keine Disstracks. Reviews; Action Bronson – Mr. The most notable being Blue Chips duology, Saab Stories & my personal favorite: Rare Chandeliers. He then landed a joint venture with VICE Music & Atlantic Records while following up his debut with a couple EPs & mixtapes. The most notable being Blue Chips duology, Saab Stories & my personal favorite: Rare Chandeliers.He then put out his major label debut Mr. i'll never get this guy either, Album Rating: 2.5This guy is average. Songs typically don't have choruses, and the album's 15 tracks end in less than 45 minutes. Lecter“, die mir damals ein Freund zeigte und die ich mit: „Geile Beats, aber ist doch jetzt auch nichts wahnsinnig besonderes“ abtat. Album Review: Action Bronson – Dr. Lecter. Diese Attribute, die mich damals in Windeseile von meinem „Das-Nächste-Große-Ding-will-Ich-selber-entdecken-das-zeigt mir-nicht-irgendwer“-Thron stießen, sind in ausgearbeiteter Form die Säulen des heutigen Erfolges dieses selbsternannten „, Nun also das erste Major-Album, nach bereits mehreren Free-Download-Veröffentlichungen (u.a „, Gleich im Opener, der mit den wunderbar verspielten Phrasen „, Keine aufgesetzten Doubletimepassagen. Die Platte sprüht nur so vor Liebe zur Musik und der Einzigartigkeit ihres Protagonisten und wird mit dem Track „Easy Rider“ passend abgerundet. Best Track: Barry Horowitz, Shiraz, Buddy Guy, or Chuck Person, Action Bronson Details New Album Only for Dolphins, Shares New Song, Chuck Person Ft. Meyhem Lauren, Shaz Illyork & Ag Da Coroner, Suede Ft. Meyhem Lauren, Shaz Illyork, Fonda & Machine. It's a refreshing bit of ingenuity the way that Action Bronson can make a hip hop record so effortlessly infused with that New York atmosphere sound completely A Queens-based rapper of About Tweet. The track “Live from the Moon” is filled with interstellar references over a jazzy Knxwledge beat while the titular song feels like a return to Bronson’s old school style from the braggadocious bars to the smooth boom bap beat from Daringer. reviews; charts; news; lists; community; blog : login; browse genres. In a recent web interview, Bronson claims he hopes his rap career can bankroll his culinary studies in Tuscany. „Opportunity be knockin‘ – you gotta let the motherfucker in KDM Karat & FKN SKZ ft. Casion Fog – Finito (prod.... Finch Asozial – Fiesta (prod. Music Reviews: Dr. Lecter by Action Bronson released in 2011 via Fine Fabric Delegates. “Barry Horowitz” (named for the renowned WWF “jobber“) is the perfect example of the kind bluster that Bronson is interested in on Dr. Lecter. Reviews. In any discussion about the new-on-the-scene Queens rapper Action Bronson, two things inevitably come up: (1) He sounds a whole hell of a lot like Ghostface Killah, and (2) he loves rapping about food. Lecter“, die mir damals ein Freund zeigte und die ich mit: „Geile Beats, aber ist doch jetzt auch nichts wahnsinnig besonderes“ abtat. Action Bronson's debut studio album Dr. Lecter was independently released by Fine Fabric Delegates on March 15, 2011. The production could’ve been a little bit better at some points & a couple of the features were pretty much pointless, but I gotta commend Bronson for sounding a lot more focused & comfortable than he ever did on his last 2 albums with Atlantic. Bronson never claims to be the savior of anything; he just belts out his punchlines and then disappears. Bronson is painting with water colors all throughout Dr. Lecter, displaying washed out portraits while allowing light to reflect from their surfaces.

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