The issue comes into play when it's used to refer to the southern states that made up the Confederacy. Nancy Ross, a faculty member in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Department at Dixie State University, has compiled a number of historical documents while researching the name Dixie. Speak the truth! Our Dixie is not a sanitized Dixie," she said. Even though her understanding is there were no slaves farming cotton in Southern Utah, she said cotton is still "very much associated" with slavery and the Confederacy. Away, away, away down south in Dixie! According to the Washington County Historical Society website, Brigham Young, then president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, called 309 families in October 1861 to help settle the St. George area. And, they've been referred to as The Chicks by fans for YEARS anyway. "I hear the Dixie Chicks have changed their name to the Chicks as Dixie references the southern states during the civil war. "Most historians would agree that Dixie is a word people understand as, "There's no mystery around all this,"she said. "When the institution had chances to create new names, it frequently made choices that embraced racist symbols and imagery. A lot of country music obviously uses the word, so what are we supposed to do with all of that? For some reason, I always assumed cotton eyed Joe was white. In light of the Dixie Chicks changing their name, I'm wondering like, how racist the word is, and what we should do with all the other pop culture that involves the term? It was once a catchall word for the South. Show the truth! Casual racism is also a problem—take, for instance, these 20 everyday acts of racism that don’t get talked about enough. [15]" Now, if it wasn't obvious enough, the tune was taken and different lyrics were inputted. In Dixie Land I'll take my stand, to live and die in Dixie! However, Ross said she finds this to be an unsatisfactory answer because some of the earlier settlers of the area were former slave owners who had been working on cotton plantations. THis is my parody video of explaining to a Southener why Dixie is a racist song. Some believe Dixie derives from the Mason-Dixon line, between Maryland and Pennsylvania. Was time to get rid of the Dixie. Along with calls to defund the police, and protesters tearing down statues of men who once championed or traded in slavery, music. Ross also spoke about the mock slave auctions and Confederate flags seen in the Dixie yearbooks. It's now up to you. I don’t think Dixie is racist -although now that I think of it I have no idea of the origin of the word. Danielle Larsen-Rife, who is an associate professor of psychology at Dixie State University, has compiled research on the local history of the word "Dixie" and has written editorials for The Spectrum and The Salt Lake Tribune on the topic. Therefore, Dixie is a reference to the culture of the South. He argued that taking down monuments wouldn't do anything to solve the legitimate issues facing Black people. The Dixie Chicks are now called The Chicks, Trump pushes baseless theory about doctors and virus deaths, These grief-stricken families have a message for voters, Watch buildings collapse as a major earthquake strikes Turkey and Greece, Here's what we know about Nice's deadly knife attack, CNN: New rise in coronavirus cases in counties that held Trump rallies, Dr. Fauci warns: 'We are going in the wrong direction', Dr. Birx vows she won't sit with Trump-picked task force member, Millions left without power as Zeta batters Gulf Coast, Analyst explains why hospitals are vulnerable to hackers, European countries announce sweeping new Covid-19 restrictions, Inside the Mexican factory preparing to produce Covid-19 vaccine, US economy grew in Q3 but the crisis isn't over, Cuomo confronts 'anonymous' op-ed author: You lied to us, Michigan governor on Trump: We deserve better as a nation, Dr. Fauci: US may not be back to normal until 2022, Identity of anonymous Trump admin.

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