Alternative herbal medicine and ayurveda solutions

Ayurvedic medicine is known as an alternative medicine in the western country. India is the birthplace of Ayurveda. It is now spreading around the world. The treatment has a strong impact on today’s life.

Alternative medicine is used as instead of modern medicine to relieve the patient from the disease. Naturally, India is recognized as the birthplace of the drug. The use of the medicine began in the Vedic era. In the ancient Vedic age, there were two important books on alternative medicine, the charka samhita and the shursta samhita. Both books are an example of the golden history of alternative medicine in the country, and are regarded as the earliest literature of India.

Ayurveda – Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is mainly showing Ayurveda, or herbal medicine.  Ayurveda is a combination of two words, Ayush and Veda.  So, Ayurveda remains the science of life. Ayurveda medicine in India is gaining maximum popularity all over the world, worldwide people are now having Ayurveda treatment. He saw that Ayurveda could cure many diseases and ailments that modern science could not do. In Western medicine, Ayurveda is referred to as medicine.
Ayurvedic medicine requires the five basic elements of human subsistence, such as; Earth, water, fire, air and sky. In the treatment of Ayurveda, the medicine used is supplied by different plants. Herbal medicine in India is spreading all over the country. In the treatment of Auyrveda drugs based on the plant such as: Arjuna, tulsi, Hibiscus, black paper, long paper, as well as hundreds of animal products, such as; milk, bones, gallstones. Sometimes in Ayurvedic treatment, fats are also used as an external medicine. In alternative medical theory, minerals; including sulfur, arsenic, lead, copper, sulfate and even gold, silver also prescribed drugs. In “Rasha Shastra” alcohol used as a drug for patients, those who go for surgery.

Herbal and Holistic Solutions for Neurodegenerative

Ayurveda received the act of the Medical Council in 1970. According to the act, alternative medicine or Ayurveda has a similar meaning as modern medicine has. There are now over 100 colleges in the country, offering a degree in alternative medicine. Even the Government of India supports research and has done further research in traditional Ayurveda medicine. The state has already given sponsorship, to CCRAS, or to the Central Research Council in Ayurveda and Sidha, for the huge promotion of the country’s traditional Ayurvedic medicine.
Ayurveda medicine is now gaining a very important place in our day to day life too. Spa, sauna, acupuncture, everything is in different parts of alternative medicine. Recognizing the demand of people in Ayurveda treatment, numerous Ayurveda treatment centers are mushroom in almost all parts of the country. They offer treatments to relieve several incurable diseases as well. Some chronic pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other ailments can be treated under Ayurvedic treatment procedures.