Sex Education for Everyone. Shame-Free.

The Garden is a queer woman owned business created to bring sex-positive educational offerings to the whole DC community. No matter your sex, gender, race, income, kink, relationship style, or sexual experience: if you have a body we're here for you!

Every ticket purchase goes to promote healthy, pleasure based, body positive, sexuality education. So, come out and support us and learn a little something while you do it. Go ahead... give yourself permission."

Meet Bianca

Bianca is the Director of Operations for The Garden, a non- profit professional, and a self-professed sex geek. She started working in sexual education through her university's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Ally Resource Center, moderating panels on LGBT life and sexuality for college classrooms. Bianca is also a pole dancer, blues dancer, and tantrika. More than anything, she loves creating unity among different people's experiences and facilitating important conversations that are also fun, relateable, and infused with movement!

Picture of Bianca Palmisano
Bianca Palmisano
Picture of Jessica VonDyke
Jessica VonDyke

Meet Jessica

Jessica VonDyke is a pervy, poly, femme who's on a mission to help folks have better sex and more satisfying relationships! She is the owner of The Garden and can be seen teaching and slinging sex toys at lots of locations around the area. She is an advocate for gender inclusiveness, sexy safer sex and queer positive space in everything that she does.